20 Jun 2021

3 Things To Do If A Natural Disaster Strikes While You’re At Work

Post by Jordan Toplen

When preparing for a natural disaster, many people just assume that they’ll be at home if and when something comes their way. However, with the amount of time that you spend at work each day, it’s reasonable to assume that you could be at work when something happens, too. And because of this, it’s important that you think about what to do in the event that this does happen.

To assist you in doing this, here are three things you should do if a natural disaster strikes while you’re at work. 

Remember The Drills You’ve Practiced

While people in the professional world don’t really do drills like they do when you’re in school, it’s equally as important for your employer to do disaster drills at work. Just because you’re older and more mature not doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be thinking straight when things around you start going crazy. 

As part of your drills, Krisha McCoy, a contributor to EverydayHealth.com, recommends that you keep track of all the emergency exits for your building. Based on wherever you are at work, you should know the best and quickest way to either get out of the building or get to a safe place within the building. This information should be posted throughout your workspace. So if it isn’t, consider speaking with your boss about getting these signs up and running emergency drills in the future. 

Know How To Stay Safe Where You Are

Depending on where you work, the best course of action for staying safe when a natural disaster strikes will vary. The type of natural disaster you’re dealing with will also impact what course of action you should take to keep yourself safe. 

For example, the CDC says that if you’re inside during an earthquake, you should remain inside as long as the building is properly built and protected from earthquakes. However, if you are outside when the earthquake hits, you should stay outside and away from tall structures. And if you’re working in a tall building, you should move to the center away from the windows. So based on the natural disasters that are most likely to happen in your area, figure out exactly what you’d need to do to stay safe in the general environment you’re working in each day. 

Find Out What’s Going On Around You

When you’re at work, you might not realize exactly what’s going on around you regarding the natural disaster you’re now faced with. So to help you get a handle on what’s happening, StaySafe.org recommends that you find a way to get information about the disaster. This could include finding a local news station on TV or the radio or searching online. By knowing what’s going on, you can better react to the situation. 

To help you be as prepared as possible for an unexpected emergency, consider using the tips mentioned above as you consider how to respond is a natural disaster strikes while you’re at work.

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