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In sophisticated times like this time, it was common for people to work with computers. Because of the demands of work, one can work in front of a computer for hours or even almost a day. In addition, the rapid technological civilization and the many entertainments that create users are increasingly fond of chatting with computers like playing games, browsing, or watching movies. But have you ever considered the bad effects that can have an impact on these activities?

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Too long at the computer can cause:


Sitting too long in front of the monitor screen can interfere with eye health. The monitor screen that lights up can emit radiation. The following radiation creates a disturbed eye view. You may have felt sore, red and watery eyes after looking at the monitor screen for a long time. If you experience it then get up and get away from the computer for a moment. Or you can see objects near you that are far and near repeatedly to relax the eyes. If you constantly force to stare at the monitor screen, be prepared to experience eye damage like minus eyes or other eye problems.


There is a study that reveals that someone who works about 55 hours / week in front of the computer feels that the decrease in memory or dementia is compared to those who only spend about 41 hours / week in front of the computer.


Many people feel headaches after sitting long in front of a computer screen. This is due to the light emitted from the monitor screen. This light has the name flourescent and can cause health problems, such as headaches.


Do not be surprised if you are not often dizzy because it is too long in front of a computer monitor. The fluorescent light that is generated by the computer can cause dizziness, to the extent that those who are not infrequently in front of the computer have considerable opportunities to experience it.


For women who are not infrequently in front of the monitor, be aware of fine lines on your face. Often you do serious expressions when in front of a computer screen, can cause fine lines or wrinkles during the eyes and eyebrows. To ward off wrinkles, you can use a cream or moisturizer around your eyes and eyebrows.


Being in front of the computer for too long can also cause neck pain. This can occur because the sitting position is not right to the point that it affects the neck. Sometimes, we too long to watch the computer keyboard. This is also dominant in the neck.


When you work too long in front of the computer, after sitting in a position that is not right like bending, it will cause the back to feel tense and the structure of the spine will bend or not in its natural position. This often creates pain like aches, pains and others. For overcoming it sit in a serileks position as possible, body position should not be down or too upright back and often work stretching so that the muscles do not become stiff.


It’s a bit scary indeed, but that’s what experienced heart disease experience, that the length of time drained in front of the computer is directly related to heart health. On the sidelines of the activity, it’s a good idea to do light exercise to guard your heart’s health, such as stretching, by moving your body or walking near the desk where you work.


Working too long with a computer like typing will create cramps. For that, it’s good for you to relax your fingers by working on stretches.


A study in Australia revealed that someone who spent a little time at the computer had more waist circumference and higher levels of bad cholesterol. This is caused because you are less mobile and besides that while snacking while in front of the computer, add weight. For that you need to balance it out by working on a more residential body movement between activities and less snacking on it.


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is a disease of the wrist that results from pressure on the median nerve that causes pain, numbness and paresthesia (tingling or burning sensation). One of the causes of this disease is the hands or wrists doing the same work repeatedly for a considerable period of time (eg too long typing in front of the computer), or the wrists bent, especially if the position of the hands is lower than the wrist.


One study shows that a computer keyboard is a nest of bacteria. There is not very little bacteria on the computer keyboard, moreover if a general computer is like an internet cafe. The reason is, this bacteria is more risky than the bacteria found in the toilet. Dr. Peter Wilson, an experienced microbiologist, writes that keyboard bacteria are directly related to the nose and digestive drainage. This is related to the frequency of your hand touching the keyboard and touching the nose or mouth. Hmmm, must be diligent in cleaning the keyboard.

Well, that’s the result of the impact caused too long in front of the computer. Bro If you observe there are a number of negative impacts that occur not in short periods, but accumulation. This means that the accumulation will be felt later if it continues. For that I will submit technical tips to reduce the risk of impact for too long in front of the computer.

● Move

As much as possible not to sit for hours or a day, but move regularly. For example, about 15 minutes of walking every hour, so that the muscles are not stiff, it also facilitates blood flow. Occasionally do stretching movements so that your hands, neck and legs don’t cramp.

● Helping

Take the time to exercise to make your muscles and joints feel. Why? Because if it’s too long in front of the computer, the body also rarely moves. A body that is rarely moved is certainly the most dangerous, because it can invite different diseases to nest in your body. Sitting too long for distended stomach too long.

 Set The Body POsition

Sit in the right position, keep the eye distance from the screen. Try to keep your shoulders relaxed and the position of your back straight should not bend. Rest your fingers after long typing. You can also stick a small pillow in your chair for the back of the element to bring it more comfortable.

● Keep The Eat Pattern

Try to eat healthy foods and eat less snacks. Why? Because long-time people sitting computerized will often increase dramatically the weight. Especially if you end up eating directly to sleep, it is certain that it will quickly be “fertile”! It is also a good idea to stand or take a walk first after eating, not to be able to sit right away so that your stomach doesn’t bulge.

● Frequently Cream

For this one, you can’t do it in front of the opposite sex, yes, you can get danger. Try blinking often, within normal limits of course. Because if we stare at the screen continuously, besides in an air-conditioned room, it can make the eyes dry and painful. This is quite helpful in avoiding eye diseases that might strike. Also need to rest your eyes regularly. Close your eyes for about 5 minutes so that your eyes don’t hurt, while feeling your eyes.

●  Lots of Drinking Water

Lack of water / dehydration for us to feel tired easily. Drink plenty of water so the body remains fit. Counting is pretty good, so it’s not uncommon to move to fill a drinking bottle or to the toilet. All muscle relaxes. Make sure the water you drink is really drinking water, not tap water or other water.

● Computer Cleaning

Every day your hands hold a computer keyboard and mouse. Research shows that these two objects are classified as very dirty objects because you often hold them. Usually you immediately use the computer without washing your hands first. This can cause the bacteria in the hand to switch to this keyboard or mouse. Over time these bacteria accumulate and can be dangerous. Especially when we use a computer while snacking without washing hands first. You might get a stomach ache