13 Jun 2019

Commuting to work in a Rideshare, what to know!

Post by Jordan Toplen

Commuting to work is something which millions of people do each and every day and as a business owner you should be encouraging your staff to consider ride-sharing. This is something which more and more businesses are looking to promote and it falls squarely under the ‘sharing economy’ banner which seeks to create a better world through mutual collaboration. As a business owner there are numerous benefits of encouraging your staff to share the responsibilities of the daily commute and here are just a few reasons why this is something which you should be employing.


There is more pressure on businesses than ever before to increase their green credentials and beyond what you do inside the business, ride-sharing is something which will greatly benefit the environment. Most cars have space for 5 people yet so many of them are occupied by the driver alone, this means that 5 cars are on the road, pumping out fumes into the atmosphere. A single car can do the same job yet within anywhere near the same levels of pollution.

Team Building

The benefits of ride-sharing is not only to the outside world but also within the business and through the encouragement of ride-sharing you can greatly help your team to work better together. It may well be that 3 people who work for you live close to each other and take the same route, yet they may not know each other very well. Putting them together for the daily commute can help them to know each other better which will directly benefit the business.

Cost Effective

Another benefit which your team can count on when they begin to ride-share is a cheaper commute, saving them money each month. When employees take turns in driving others to work they will be paying out significantly less money on gas, they can also count on putting less miles on the car which means a higher re-sale price and a lower risk of things going wrong. Already there are hundreds of thousands of employees enjoying the cost-effective benefits of ride-sharing with their colleagues, and your employees can do exactly the same.

Less Traffic

Nobody likes sitting in traffic and in some of the world’s busiest cities it is an issue which is very hard to get around. You and your team can do your bit by taking more cars off the road through a ride-sharing scheme, thus helping to eliminate the traffic on the road. Traffic does contribute to higher levels of pollution and poor air quality, and it is also a nuisance for any other road-user, ride-sharing is a step in the right direction when it comes to mitigating these issues.


Something which many ride-sharing employees have remarked on is the fact that they can now be far more productive on their way to work because they are not driving. Keeping in touch with people, getting organized ahead of the day and dealing with any correspondence can be done on the way to work as your colleague drives, helping your employees to get ahead of the curve.

Why not give it a test run and see how your employees enjoy the benefits of ride sharing?


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