Taking Supplements is Good When We fitness?

Supplements are a very familiar affair among fitness mania, because these supplements are an urgent part in the inadequate nutrition fulfillment of your daily diet

“Supplements are health products where there is more than one nutrient or medicine, these nutrients in the form of proteins, creatine, L-cartine, amino acids, and others”

Many lay people ask, if fitness needs to use supplements or not, use these supplements quickly or not become muscular? Use supplements are halal or not? Use the supplements safely or not?

Should consume supplements when fitness?

In practice as a fitness mania supplement it is needed as a supporter of the body’s nutritional needs, because of the daily diet can be said to be less, sports fitness can be regarded as a sport that has the highest intensity so it requires a good intake of nutrients, especially protein as a muscle builder, protein for a body builder can be 2x – 3x its body weight, even more than that, so it requires additional nutrients from supplements, supplements can not only be obtained from on the market, but can be obtained from everyday food

Is using a muscle growth supplement going to be fast?

The answer can be yes and no, supplements are like drugs, which can fit or not with the human body, when the supplement is in accordance with the body then muscle growth will be significant even in a matter of weeks has seen the difference, but when the supplement is not in accordance with the body, that there is no change, or perhaps the body slowly absorbs all the nutrients, so that growth becomes slow.

Is the supplement safe and halal?

The supplements are safe as they are used in accordance with the requirements and are not excessive, make sure to use supplements matched with the packaging techniques contained in these foods, supplements belonging to this halal food for supplements that do not use capsules as a medium place, protein supplements such as weight gainer, whey protein, L-carnitine is a processed product of cow’s milk, why I say halal, because in the process of cow milk collection is still alive and there is no increase in other ingredients, except capsule media, so for fitness mania muslim, must avoid this.

But of all the things described above, the results obtained in fitness, bodybulider 90% determined by the pattern of learning and discipline, sleep and programmed correctly, supplements always hold the role of 10% of all,

good luck!