Warnings of Agen Poker: Addiction Can Destroy Your Future

The internet is currently the most popular in the community. Through the internet all can access all information easily and digging money by selling online has also been commonly done. Even though access is slow and creeping but the internet remains a favorite of the entire population of Indonesia and modern mobile phones certainly can access the internet easily without the need to bother carrying large laptops just to go online. But on the positive side the internet certainly has the negative side of online crime, one of which is poker.

Who doesn’t know Poker Agent?

Online gambling is easy to find anywhere. Even poker can be found on social networks like Facebook, tagged and other software. If it’s just for fun, maybe poker is exciting, but how does poker turn out to be a betting arena and play with money? Will poker still be fun.

Poker is often loved by teenage boys, after all if this teenager lives away from his parents or settles in boarding or rented because the school is far from his parents there is no more controlling or witnessing the work of these teenagers to the point that it is easier to play poker.

Poker is the most dangerous for the teenage generation, in addition to draining the money they have to sell their possessions, from television, PS3 to cellphones can be sold. Sometimes that endangers poker can lead to laziness. Starting from lazy bathing, lazy to eat, until the night rest is also lazy and the end of life changes. From afternoon to night and night to day. Even more dangerous, this teenager forgets his main job as a student to study.

Poker can also lead to criminal acts, the rise of poker gambling is almost the same as that of drugs. These poker guides can kidnap money or kidnap motorbikes and other equipment for the capital of poker and the end will go to jail. How not? The lure of getting as much money if winning in poker gambling created the students tempted and continued to issue money that was not balanced with what he received. However, they did not think about the amount of funds spent, but they only thought about the amount of funds they received.

But unfortunately, they did not get the chance that Agen Poker would have tactics and tricks so they would still win in the game. These cunning and trained people will continue to absorb student money to the last drop, while the student himself continues to bet as much money to win the lure of the money.

The danger of poker is huge, because it will destroy the future and damage the lives of poker addicts. Besides getting money illegally, poker also raises other illicit money. Especially for students, each month parents deliver money for their meals, fully relied on to continue their studies for the future, but what do they do? The money sent to achieve a good future is used to destroy their future by gambling poker.

When these parents and family know their actions, the family’s disappointment creates them ashamed and desperate so that they can be another big bad action they are doing with drugs.

It is very risky for teenagers to associate today, not a few factors that can damage the future of adolescents at this time. Even the modern internet should be able to be used to positively explore information and knowledge that can enhance insight and explore friends and relationships that can support the future.

The internet can support life if used properly but the internet can also destroy the future if we are tempted by the bad things in it.