15 Feb 2021

3 Things To Consider When Getting A Car For Your Teens To Drive

Post by Jordan Toplen

If you just have one teen driver, you may be able to get away with sharing your car with them when they want to use it after school or on the weekends. But if you start having multiple teen drivers at home, the competition for your vehicle will start getting steep. 

To avoid this, many parents opt to purchase a vehicle meant just for the teens in their home. However, choosing what vehicle to get can be tricky for parents. So to help you make the right choice, here are three things to consider when getting a car for your teens to drive. 

Don’t Get Something Too Cheap

Most parents don’t want to spend too much money on their teen’s first car. Between the likelihood of them getting into some kind of accident and their newness behind the wheel, it’s usually wise not to invest too much money into the car they’ll be driving. However, what you don’t want to do is get your teen a clunker of a car that isn’t going to be safe or smart for them.

Rather, Shawn of DriversEd.com, recommends that you stay away from the cheapest cars on the market. Instead, you should look to get them a car that has been well maintained by the previous owner and still has some life left in it. This usually won’t be the cheapest car you can find, but it likely will be a better bet. 

Prioritize Safety Over Size

In the minds of many parents, getting their teen a bigger car automatically equates to having a safer car. And while this makes sense to a certain extent, bigger isn’t always safer when it comes to teen drivers.

According to Dalvin Brown, a contributor to USA Today, bigger cars have their own downsides. For example, bigger vehicles can be harder for novice drivers to maneuver, especially when it comes to stopping distance. With this in mind, you should try to get a full-sized sedan that has added safety features if you’re wanting to get your teen the safest possible car. 

Choose A Four-Cylinder Engine

Although your teens might try to convince you to get a fast sports car for them to cruise around in, when it comes to the power of the car, Edmunds.com shares that you should go with something that has four-cylinders as opposed to six. This will give your teens plenty of speed and power without giving them access to something too dangerous. 

If you’re planning to get your teens a car soon, consider using the tips mentioned above to find the right vehicle for them to use and share with one another.

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