28 Oct 2020

3 Ways To Show That Your Business Is Committed To Public Health

Post by Jordan Toplen

Now more than ever, businesses the world over are having to put a bigger portion of their time and attention toward public health. But while showing that you care about your customers and the general population during the time of coronavirus is great, you can and should show your commitment to public health beyond these circumstances as well.

To help you in accomplishing this, here are three ways to show that your business is committed to public health. 

Start With Your Company Culture

Before you can start changing the world, you have to start with your small sphere of influence. For most businesses, this means perfecting your company culture first. 

According to Hector De La Torre and Ron Goetzel, contributors to the Harvard Business Review, cultivating a company culture that is interested in the health of its employees takes a conscious effort. Ideally, you should be focusing on improving the total health of your employees and your customers or clients all year round. So while it might be easier to just hold an annual event where you try to get people up to speed with their health, this won’t convince anyone that you’re actually committed to health. To achieve this, you really have to commit yourself and your organization to the health and wellness of your staff and consumers. 

Support The Right Charities

As you begin to look further toward your communities and the world around you in an attempt to improve public health, one area you may want to turn is to charities that are currently doing this type of work already. 

Ideally, Scott Gerber, a contributor to Business.com, shares that you should try to work with a charity that makes sense for your business and the type of work you do as well as something that seeks to solve actual problems that the world is facing. Whether this means working to bring clean water to all or help children in developing nations, if you’re able to find a charity that you can support, it will help people draw a stronger connection between your company and the public health work you’re doing. 

Do What You Can To Help

Since the coronavirus is the public health concern that’s on everyone’s mind right now, it’s worth mentioning how you can show that you’re committed to improving public health on this matter. 

To do this, Greg Hills, a contributor to FSG.org, recommends that you consider how your business could make things easier for people during this difficult time. Even if what you can offer or help with isn’t directly related to the physical or mental health of people, any way you use your business to ease burdens on people at this time will be beneficial, not only to your business but to all people around the world. 

If you want to be better recognized for your commitment to public health, consider using the tips mentioned above to show how this can be accomplished for your organization.