28 Oct 2019

4 Tips For Avoiding Expensive Speeding Tickets

Post by Jordan Toplen

Speeding is one of the most common reasons why people get tickets.  Not only are they expensive, but they can increase your insurance rates, and involve a fine. It’s important to avoid them not only because they’re an unnecessary expense, but also because you’re putting yourself and others in danger.

Here are some of the best tips to avoid getting a speeding ticket

Keep Your Eye On The Speed Limit

This may seem obvious; however, you’d be surprised how many people fail to realize it’s really as simple as following the speed limit. The most reliable thing you can do is always look at the signs on the road to verify that you’re within the limits.  

When in doubt, slow down rather than roll the dice. Speed limits are put there for a reason. In some states, if you’re caught speeding beyond a certain limit, it’s possible to be charged with a criminal offense! Do your research and know what the laws are where you live.

Keep a Radar Detector In Your Car

Installing a radar detector in your car will decrease your chances of getting a speeding ticket. Although they aren’t 100% accurate, you’re more likely to be aware of red light cameras and speed traps.  

It’s a good idea to do extensive research on the best brands on the market. Look for a model that is known for having a long-range with reliable accuracy. You should also read the instruction manual carefully so you know what you’re doing!  

Avoid Distractions

One of the most common reasons why people get speeding tickets is because they are distracted. Get rid of any distractions in the car, which could take your focus away from the road.

If you’re fiddling with your radio or using your phone, you may not realize how hard you’re pressing the gas pedal. However, by remaining focused, you notice the speed signs and have time to adjust your speed accordingly. 

Be Cooperative If Pulled Over

In the event that a police officer pulls you over for speeding, you should be as cooperative and friendly as possible. Produce any and all paperwork that is asked of you and be polite.

Things are not going to end in your favor if you start arguing with the officer or getting angry with them for doing their job. Even if you think you’re innocent, it’s your word against a police officer.

To conclude, there are various ways to avoid getting an expensive speeding ticket. By remaining alert, conscientious, and responsible, you’ll avoid falling into the grips of traffic police. Exercising caution and keeping your speed down will ensure you stay out of trouble.