6 Jul 2020

4 Types of Real World Education You Shouldn’t Pass Up

Post by Jordan Toplen

When most people think of education, they think of being in a classroom and learning stuff from a teacher. However, real-world education is something entirely different. And when you get a chance to learn Real world concepts, you should absolutely dive in and absorb them. Academic education is one thing, but practical training serves a much greater purpose in the long run. Consider some of the times that you would want to pay closer attention To real-world education in progress. 

Take four examples that illustrate this principle. In the real world, you can learn about guns and weaponry. This might be for a job, it might be a hobby, or you might want to feel more secure in situations where guns are present. How about cooking? You don’t learn much about it in school in an academic environment, but knowing how to cook in the real world is a vital skill. Then there is the matter of leadership exercises

If you can, volunteer and non-stressful situations where you can practice being a leader. It will help you become a better person later. And then you can always join any kind of activity regarding sports and fitness. Physical education becomes more important as an adult when your body starts falling apart if you don’t keep in shape. 

Guns and Weapons

Learning about guns and weaponry is something that every person should do at some point in their lives. Even if you are entirely nonviolent or don’t believe in the use of weapons, understanding how they work and how to handle them safely is a crucial real-world skill. In a very controlled environment, you can look at different types of guns that are available and learn to shoot safely, clean, and take care of these weapons. 


As you become an adult, cooking can suddenly become more important. And it’s at that point that you figure out that you have never learned the tools or skills related to making a good meal. If you ever have the chance to talk to someone or learn from someone who has excellent cooking skills, take them up on it. 

Leadership Exercises

Do you consider yourself a leader? Most people will say no. But that begs the question – What can you do to become a better leader? And the easy answer is that you need to practice. So, if you’re ever a part of a group that needs a leader, step into that role. Figure out what kind of personality characteristics you have that fit inside a leadership concept, and try them out for size in context. 

Sports and Fitness

The final type of real-world education to consider is concerning sports and fitness. Yes, most of us did not appreciate gym class in elementary and later school years. However, especially as an adult, you want to make sure that you stay in shape. If you have the opportunity to join a recreational league and get some physical education, you should do it.