15 May 2020

5 Legal Processes To Understand As You Age 

Post by Jordan Toplen

Getting older exposes you to an array of lifetime milestones.  In theory, life gets better as you get older.  A lifetime of work should be setting you up for a time of rest and relaxation.  


However, there are a few things that need to be done as you age.  You will likely learn about each circumstance through trial and error, but you may be able to spare yourself some trouble later through a little research now.  


Take a moment to read a little about a few legal processes you should understand as you age, and go forth with peace, knowing that you’ll be ready for the next stage in your life.   




Retirement is a sketchy situation for today’s workers.  The best way to assure your comfort as you age is to take your retirement into your own hands.  


As soon as you have the option, you should always invest in a 401(k).  Relying on your social security check after you reach the age of retirement is no longer a safe way to plan for the future.  


Last will and testament


Everyone wants the peace of mind, knowing that their material possessions will be disbursed per their wishes after death.  You can’t take all that stuff with you, so it’s best to go out knowing you have the power of the law behind your last wishes.  


You don’t necessarily have to hire a lawyer to help with the process of legalizing your last will and testament, but it’s advisable if you’re not clear on how to do it yourself.  However, there are plenty of resources online that will lead you through the process of drawing up your last will and testament.  


Social security and disability 


Applying for disability reimbursement from the government to supplement your income if you’re unable to work is a difficult process, and nearly everyone gets denied benefits the first time they apply.  


Skip the hassle, and hire a disability law firm to represent your best interests.  You’ll find the coverage you deserve a lot faster if you have a lawyer by your side to guide you through the process of filing.  


Understand power of attorney


Sometimes when you get older, you lose the ability to make important decisions or handle the full scope of your finances.  A trusted friend or family member has the legal option to obtain a power of attorney over you, so they can make decisions in your stead.  


However, you have to be careful allowing another person to have such a wide scope of control over your life.  Don’t allow anyone to pull power of attorney over you unless it is completely necessary.