29 Oct 2021

accessiBe Releases New Accessibility Testing Hub

Post by Jordan Toplen

At the end of 2018, accessiBe, which provides mobile app testing services for digital products and websites, announced the availability of its own accessibility testing platform. The new AccessibilityOps software will help companies make sure their apps are fully accessible to people with disabilities. It also includes a learning hub with courses on web accessibility, inclusive design, and UX.

AccessibilityOps is an automated accessibility testing tool that can test apps across many devices simultaneously. It comes with a learning hub where you can find courses on accessible web development, inclusive design, and even UX design. The platform understands how people with disabilities interact with software so it can produce the correct reports.

The company also announced the launch of the AccessibilityOps User Group, which aims to help professionals learn about, discuss, and develop best practices for accessibility testing. The first meeting will take place in Mountain View on May 21st.

“We’re excited about the launch of AccessibilityOps and the User Group because we believe that they will bring together professionals from all areas of technology to push each other and our products forward,” said Bence Nagy, co-founder, and CEO at accessiBe. “Accessibility is often considered as an afterthought in software development, but we think it’s the most important aspect because it involves everyone.”

The new software is built on top of a powerful cloud-based accessibility platform that was developed in the last few years. This solution has already been widely tested by companies like Samsung, Google, and Facebook. accessiBe claims this technology has helped them make significant progress in the field.

“Over time, we’ve developed a deep understanding of why accessibility is important and how it can be integrated into the development process,” said Michael Hingson, accessiBe’s chief vision officer. “We want to share what we’ve learned with other teams so they can build more accessible products for their users.”

The company said that an increasing number of organizations are starting to adopt inclusive design as a way to improve the experience of customers with disabilities. In addition, the web community has also developed standards and guidelines, like WCAG 2.0, for creating accessible sites and apps.

“It’s amazing how much progress we’ve seen in this field over the last few years,” added Hingson. “However, the industry needs to keep growing because there are still far too many companies that don’t think about accessibility when they start developing products.”

When asked what the future held for accessiBe, Hingson said that the company would continue to focus on accessibility testing and move into other sectors. “We’re planning to build a platform for intelligent accessibility tests that can be plugged into any development pipeline,” he concluded.

“At the end of the day, we want to make sure all people can use technology regardless of whether they have a disability or not,” added Nagy. “We believe that AccessibilityOps is an important step in this direction.”

He closed by saying that the goal is not to have inaccessible products but products that are accessible. “We aim to get there by making accessibility testing easy and affordable for everyone,” he said.

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