19 Dec 2020

Dealing With Breast Examinations Such As Lumpectomy With Lymph Node Biopsy

Post by Jordan Toplen

For any woman, dealing with the news that you have to get a breast biopsy, further breast examinations or perhaps even something more sinister like a lumpectomy with lymph node biopsy, this can be a scary time. Of course although it doesn’t feel this way, this in fact a good thing with regards to the fact that you are going to get to the bottom of any issues which may exist. As scary as it may be, an early diagnosis of cancer or any other issue is always, always better than a late one. Regardless of what the reasons are behind these additional examinations however it is perfectly natural to be scared and the honest truth is that you wouldn’t be human if you were not scared about this.

If you have received this news, here are some tips to consider ahead of your next appointment.

Google Knows Nothing

With any health issue there is that overwhelming temptation to ask Google or another search engine what the outcome of your appointment will be, what you can expect to learn, what your symptoms may indicate or what you are potentially dealing with. The reality however is that the only person who can tell you any of this information is the doctor, and until you see them there is really no point in speculating what may or what may not happen with your exam. The internet is a dark place for this kind of stuff and nothing good, or truthful can come of it.

Confiding in Friends

this is of course going to be a very difficult subject to speak out about but confiding in friends can be a good way for you to get your feelings out there and to actually talk about what you are fearful of. This is only going to help to alleviate the pressure, of course nobody can tell you that ‘everything is going to be alright’. Having said this, just having that pressure tap which you can open up, that is going to be hugely important during this difficult time and your friends will want to support you as you go through this.

Stay Busy

They say that the devil makes work for idle hands and this can be true with regards to your thoughts as well as your actions. This is exactly why it is essential that you are focused on keeping busy, whatever that may look like. There is no way that you are going to forget what is going on, but as you stay busy the time will pass quicker until your appointment when at least you are going to know more about what is going on and what your status is. Whether it is starting a new project, cooking, cleaning DIY, watching movies or playing sports, do whatever you have to in order to keep your mind as occupied as possible.

Stay strong and keep busy, you will know more about your situation soon and then you can tackle it head on.