8 Jan 2022

Do Clients Get Your Best Efforts?

Post by Jordan Toplen

As you take time to assess where your business is at these days, can you be happy with what you see?

Having a business is a full-time job and then some. That said you want to be doing all you can to satisfy the people meaning the most to you.

So, what more effort can you be putting into serving your clients?

Never Forget the Importance of Your Clients

In taking the time to review your client efforts, here are a few key areas to keep in mind:

1. Customer service – You won’t get far if your customer service efforts are average. Most customers expect top-notch service. Some will choose to go elsewhere if they feel you’re not delivering it to them. That said what more can you do when it comes to customer service? Be sure to take the time and review what a normal customer experience is like for those you serve. Whether you have in-person customers or those online, make sure they are happy with you. One of the best ways to know this is by asking them. Through direct in-person contact or reaching out via email, text and more you want to know how you did.

2. Products and services – It is also key to review the products and services offered on a regular basis. Are you providing items that clients will both be happy with and may not always be able to get at other businesses? As an example, if you run a salon, spa or similar type of business, an esthetician steamer is but one item to consider. That machine can deliver satisfying and fast results to your clients. In doing so, you will more times than not have clients leaving happy. This can also lessen chances of a client or employee being injured by a product well past its prime.

3. Billing and scheduling – Another key area is bills and schedules. In looking at your billing procedures, be sure clients are billed on time and the amount is correct. Billing errors can end up being problematic if they happen all too often. You also want to try and give clients a little financial break on occasion. Those discounts or working out an agreement that gives them a little extra time to pay can be helpful. When it comes to scheduling appointments, do your best to not make mistakes here. Many clients likely have busy schedules. As such, they do not want scheduling mistakes creeping into their appointments. Also be flexible whenever possible. If a client needs to change an appointment time for any good reason, try your best to work with them.

4. Saying thank you – Last, a little thank you to your clients for doing business with you never hurts. Even though they pay you for your services, letting them know you appreciate them can go a long way.

In giving your clients the best you have, will you in fact satisfy them at the end of the day?

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