16 Jan 2020

Embrace Life with 10 Lucky Plants That Bring Good Luck and Wealth

Post by Jordan Toplen

If only life was a bed of roses and luck, the only thing constant. Well, having some extra luck backing us up is a win-win, right? Adhering to a few Feng Shui tricks can win you some brownie points. For instance, setting up plants at home that bring good luck. Sound’s easy, right? Let’s dig in and find out more about plants that attract good fortune and luck.

Before delving into the list of good luck plant names, a brief understanding of Feng Shui is worth it. The term ‘Feng Shui’ has gained prominence over the years. You are certainly aware that it is somewhat related to a Chinese tradition. However, were you in a quest to learn what Feng Shui really means?

Traditionally, Feng Shui is a concept that highlights the link among a man, his destiny, and the surrounding environment. The practice involves introducing people to simple ways of living in peace with their surroundings. The very concept patronizes the idea of putting plants in homes. It paves the way for good luck, fortune, wealth, and health.

10 Lucky Plants That Promises Prosperity:

1. Happy Palms – Sand and palms, don’t you travel straight to the serene and tropical beaches? Well, the appeal of a palm tree is outright mesmerizing. Keep one at home could benefit you by large. The sleek and shiny leaves of a Palm tree are great at welcoming happy and positive energy.

2. Roundy Rubber Plant – Did you know what’s most significant about a rubber plant? The lustrous round leaves! It is said that the leaves are a symbol of wealth, abundance, and good fortune. So, if you were on a hunt for good luck plants for business, a rubber plant is what you essentially are looking for.

3. Rich Tulsi – The benefits of ‘Tulsi’ or ‘Holy Basil’ is not unknown to all sundry. It works as a natural antidote against cold and cough, purifies the blood, strengthens the digestive system and works as a cure for many other ailments. The Holy Basil is an excellent natural air purifier. Hence, the plant is a blessing for homes. It keeps all negativeness at bay and welcome positivity and fortune.

4. Pachira ‘The Money Tree’ – Let’s bring home wealth and opulence. If this is something that you are looking forward to, then potting a Pachira money tree could be of great help. According to Feng Shui, this tree embraces good luck and attracts wealth and opulence.

5. Bamboo The Fortune Bringer – It is one of the most popular good luck plants for the front door. Also known as ‘Lucky Bamboo,’ the plant is reckoned as an auspicious symbol of fortune and good luck. Let’s enlighten you with a fun fact. Chinese have a name for the Bamboo plant. They call it ‘Fu Gwey Zhu.’ Here’s a breakdown: Fu stands for fortune and good luck, Gwey symbolizes honor, pride, and power and Zhu stands for bamboo. Investing in a lucky bamboo plant is guaranteed to reward you with peace, happiness, fortune, health, money, and love.

6. Divine Lotus – Other than plants, there are good luck flowers for home too. Lotus, for instance, is a prime example. The flower is a symbol of positive energy and serenity. When paired with lily, the flowers pave the way for great luck.

7. Jade, The Jack of Money – According to the ancient Chinese lores, round leaves attracts good fortune. The Jade plant is one of the best known good luck plants for business. It brings prosperity and success. Hence, Jade is often used as gifts to business enthusiasts.

8. Lovely Orchids – Flowers as gorgeous as orchids serve are natural ornaments brimming with a world of benefits. The shiny, lilac flowers are symbols of friendship and love. The Greeks believe that orchids are much associated with virility, romance, attraction, and fertility.

9. Jasmine, The Aroma Queen – Have you been cracking under pressure at work? If relief and solitude are what you are seeking, having a Jasmine plant at home could be a good thing. The lingering sweet aroma is an instant spirit enhancer. It channelizes positive energy and kisses goodbye to negative energies. Above all, jasmine increases the love in the air.

10. Pretty Peony – Names of good luck flowers for home is incomplete without mentioning the peonies. The vibrant red or pink flowers symbolize divine feminine powers. The flowers welcome fortune and promote fertility in women. However, peonies are best known to attract love, caress, and romance.