4 Jun 2021

Finding A Medical Waste Disposal Company 

Post by Jordan Toplen

When it comes to medical waste disposal it should not be taken lightly, you want to be sure to find the best and most effective Medical Waste Disposal Company that is available. One that is very qualified in the field and has new and leading ways to keep clean and tidy and avoid any contamination. There is a company that has produced the first clinically-engineered bagless medical waste disposal container designed to eliminate hand-contact and touches supported by a high level decontamination washing process 4 times higher than CDC requirement. If medical waste is something that is involved in your company then you have to agree that this new way of waste disposal is completely safe and efficient and you cannot get better than bagless waste disposal as the levels of contamination are kept at a minimal. This new and innovative system introduces a new cleanliness-driven standard of medical waste disposal. 

What Is Included In This New System

This new clinically designed containment solution for Regulated Medical Waste disposal is designed as a bagless and hands-free container, it requires no manual touch or assembly, and undergoes a sanitization process after each fill that achieves a decontamination level four times higher than the level prescribed by the CDC. Ensuring that the container was hands free was a huge leap in the right direction with the desire for lowering the risks of contamination. Usually you would have to fill, empty and take out a medical waste bin bag full of all kinds of medical waste and it was possible for contamination of sorts to happen. There are ways of reducing cross-contamination risk by :-

  • Touchless. Contactless. Foot pedal Operated
  • Fully sealed once full No cardboard boxes, bag retrieval or assembly
  • Zero cross-contamination with “floor-resistant” design
  • Leakproof and tamper-proof with inbuilt safety locks
  • Robotically sanitized to 106 bacterial load kill after each fill
  • Mobile segregation of sharp and non-sharp medical waste at patient bedside with mobile trolley design

When choosing a medical waste disposal company you want to be sure that they offer a hands free and no touch service. Companies can provide accessories that facilitate hands free disposal in a single foot action; in use and in transport the manual touching and handling of RMW waste is eliminated. You would also look to have no bags or boxes due to the risk of contamination and you would want a place for disposal that can be securely locked when full, thereby reducing labor, cross-contamination and waste handling risks. Reducing risk in a sterile environment cannot be given enough importance, to be able to keep your working space clear of medical waste and knowing that the company you have chosen to remove any medical waste works in the same way is priceless. Being sure that all medical waste from yourselves to the medical waste disposal company is hands free and no touch will help to keep and promote that sterile environment that is so important to your business.