1 Jun 2019

Fresh tech to make sure you have in your home

Post by Jordan Toplen

Remember back at the turn of the millennium when we thought that by 2020 we’d have flying cars and hover-boards? If you didn’t then this is certainly what people believed could be possible in the decades to come and although we may not quite be there yet, technology has moved forward at an rapid pace. In fact it could easily be said that we are in one of the most exciting epochs of technology and the best part of it all is that so much of it is available to the consumer. Home technology offers some very cool gadgets and if you want to upgrade your life this year then here are some of the coolest pieces of tech which you need to install in your home.

Easy Cleaning

Tired of getting the vacuum out every couple of days to pick up the dust and muck? Well those days can be over if you buy yourself a robotic vacuum cleaner, an automated device which will roam its way around your home at the mere hint of dirt or grime on the floor. People talk about robots replacing humans as though it is a bad thing, but not when it means that it can take care of your daily cleaning. These little vacuums have smart technology and they can easily make their way around your home, avoiding objects and cleaning as they go.

Lighting it Up

The latest advancement in lightbulb technology has brought us wireless LED bulbs which can be operated straight from your smartphone or mobile device. Using the lightbulb app you can remotely control your lights, negating the need for an on/off switch, and you can also set them to a timer so that they can turn on and off whenever you want them to, perfect for security and great for saving energy.

Smart Faucet

We have seen motion sensor faucets in many a public bathroom but previously they weren’t widely available for home use, this has now changed. Many people are turning to these smart faucets which can save up to 15,000 gallons of water every year. Furthermore a motion activated faucet like this means no need to touch the faucet which of course has numerous health benefits. The smart attachment can be added to most faucets which means that you won’t need to redesign your bathroom when you decide to install the sensor.

Smart Speaker

Almost every appliance in the home and each item on this list can be controlled by a smart speaker which allows you to control everything in the house using only your voice. We have seen Amazon and Google lead the charge with smart speakers which are voice activated gadgets that can link up to your lights, your fridge, heating, air conditioning units and more, enabling you easy control. These speakers have so many functions and they are handy tools for updating your calendar, finding out the news, setting timers and reminders and of course, playing music.

The smart revolution is here and it is time that you began to update your home with some of these awesome devices.

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