24 Dec 2020

Progressing Your Career Beyond Executive Level: How to Make Your Mark

Post by Jordan Toplen

For many, working up to an executive-level position is the peak of their career, but where do you go afterwards? No one can stay stagnant. Change might be scary when the times are good, but change will always happen. It is with the right planning and preparation that you can make the next change a good one, so that you can continue to feel fulfilled and achieve your goals. 

Just because you have reached an executive-level position does not mean that you are done with your career. There are so many ways to grow and to go from there, and if you need inspiration you now have this guide to follow: 

Earn an Executive Doctor of Business Administration 

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) is considered a must for many executives and business owners; however, it is not actually the highest academic achievement you can earn that will help you with your career. Above that is the Executive Doctor of Business Administration. It takes far longer than the traditional MBA because the goal isn’t just to teach you; it is to guide you. 

With a Ph.D., you are the educator and the student. You have a project that you are working towards; with other academics’ guidance, you create a new piece of information that businesses and the academic community alike can refer to. 

Unlike with a Ph.D., however, a DBA is designed for executives. It gives you the framework and the support to really delve deep into an industry issue, or to understand a niche demographic or concept more fully in ways that can then be implemented at your company. 

While studying your online DBA, you will be able to continue to work and earn. There are many benefits to online education, including access to a custom team of experts who will help you develop and publish your thesis. 

It’s a great move to really set yourself as a leader in your field, establish your expertise further, and can even give you the perfect launching point to start a business of your own. 

Become an Industry Celebrity 

When you complete a DBA you become a Doctor. This, along with your new skills and experience in research, all give you the opportunities you need to become something of an industry celebrity, or more accurately, expert. You can grow a real following and make educating on the public sphere an entire career of its own, or a way to advance whatever goal you have for yourself. 

Just a few of the ways you can work to educate, inspire, and further your own career by becoming an industry expert include: 

Become a Speaker 

Being a panel speaker, guest speaker, or even hosting your own talk, where you can share your expertise with a huge audience. Not only is this an excellent way to give back to the industry, but it also solidifies your expertise to the public eye. 

Host a Podcast 

A really fun way you can advertise your expertise, and even your business is by hosting a podcast. Many people want to learn and listen to podcasts, and they can be very simple and fun to do. A really high quality podcast can put you on the map and is a truly excellent marketing tool, especially if you offer services or products that will help your listeners achieve their goals.  

Keep Up a Blog 

A blog does many of the same things, though it can be less daunting for those who either don’t want to talk aloud or have trouble organizing and putting together a good talk or podcast. 

Blog pieces can even make you money directly if you have sponsored posts, advertisements on-page, or offer your in-depth articles through a paywall or to subscribers (for example, through Patreon). 

Tip: Don’t forget about guest writing! You can also get paid to contribute to industry magazines or even news sites. 

Write a Book 

Get published and really establish your legacy. There are many non-fiction titles out there that reach great heights. The only thing you need to remember is that a successful non-fiction is one that can be easily read and understood by the public, but still offers really interesting points and facts. 

If it’s too geared towards a professional or academic audience then you will lose a lot of your potential audience. A great non-fiction book is one that can be enjoyed by all and is still very informative. If you aren’t great at writing, you could still do this by hiring a ghostwriter who puts your ideas to paper. 

Create Your Own Course or Workshop 

Another great way to make money and showcase your expertise is by creating workshops, or even digital courses. You can even collaborate with universities and other faculty to create useful resources for students everywhere. 

Start Your Own Company 

If you don’t already have a company of your own, that is an excellent way to progress your career. You will have the industry experience, the network, and if you do earn your DBA, the ability to research and innovate. Work independently on a freelance basis or as a consultant. Start a firm, start a company – the options are there for you.

Go into Academia 

Working as an academic has been the goal of many people through the years, and for good reason. If you want to slow down and enjoy a more consistent workday going into academics is a great choice. You will be eligible due to your DBA and can work to help other talented entrepreneurs learn and develop their skillset, working on either a full-time or part-time basis. 

There are options available that suit you. You can focus more on educating, more on research – it depends entirely on where your skillset lies. Either way, it is an option available to you and a great way to progress your career if teaching and research are activities you are passionate about.

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