22 Apr 2021

Roger Wolfson – Why Research is Important When Writing Stories

Post by Jordan Toplen

Many people who have tried to write books in the past have struggled and possibly even failed during the process. There are a number of reasons for this but usually it is that they lack belief and they lose interest in their own writings. Much of this however comes down to a lack of research in the topic which they are discussing, and this is a critical part of any story.

The very best writers in the business like Roger Wolfson have to give up this time and spend it on researching their subject matter. If those like Roger are able to do this, and understand its importance, then the average person should also be looking to spend a good chunk of time researching before they put pen to paper. Here is why this is important.

Making The Story Believable

Ultimately when we write a story we need the readers to invest and for them to believe what we are telling them. If you fail to do proper research then this investment simply isn’t going to be there, and readers will quickly switch off. In the same way that we mentioned writers losing interest with their own stories, this too can happen as a result of a failure to properly research. If you are writing about the law, then you should understand the process of the law and what it entails, if you don’t then people will see right through you.

Piecing the Story Together

One of the toughest things for any writer to do is to really piece the story together and form it in a way that makes sense. If you have done research then you will really have a deep understanding of what you are talking about and this is also going to help you write the story in a way which is believable and which flows well. Stories which keep chopping and changing and going backwards and forwards are very tough to follow. This is why it is so critical that you have a well researched story in order to help you marry together each piece of the story in the right way.

Drives Passion

The more information which you are armed with when it comes to your story, the more passion you are going to have when you write it. Think about it, if you were to write a short story right now about your job, you would no doubt be able to write more and write a better story than if you were to be asked to write a story about aliens – unless you have a passion about them of course. The point is that with information on your side from your research, you will be able to write better, write with more passion and ultimately write with much more enjoyment.

Before you even start writing that story, make sure that you have invested the right amount of time in the research process.