24 Dec 2020

Roger Wolfson – Why The Covid-19 Vaccine Is So Impressive

Post by Jordan Toplen

Back in March there were many ini the medical industry who believed that the vaccine against the novel coronavirus would take many years to find. Back then however we also had expert commentators like Roger Wolfson who rightly pointed out that because of the size of the problem which the pandemic had caused, it was increasingly likely that all of the money in the world, and the resources which we had, would have been thrown at this problem, in order to get things back to normal.

This is ultimately what has happened and we currently have 1 vaccine which has been approved by the FDA and in the UK, as well as 5 or 6 waiting in the wings which all look to be of a very high standard. This is something which is completely unprecedented and here is why we should all be blown away with how this has taken place.

Speed of Creation

The first point to make here is of course that the speed by which this product has been created is incredible and unlike anything which we have seen before. When we consider that the vaccine for mumps was one of the fastest that has ever been created, and that took 5 years, this is an even more impressive piece of work. Naturally the reward of this was great and that meant untold funds and resources, regardless of this however, it is a truly incredible thing to have created it so quickly.

Speed of Approval

No matter how desperate we all were for this vaccine to get approved, there is no way that any government would have bent the rules in order to get things approved. And so this is why we have to also be heavily impressed by the speed with which the researchers were able to take all the steps they needed with the various trials, in order to get their vaccines approved in the first place.

The Volume

Across the world, researchers are working on 125 vaccines which they hope will offer protection against Covid-19, an immense number all working to a common goal. As it stands we know that the Pfizer vaccine has been approved and we expect the Moderna, AstraZeneca and possibly the Sputnik vaccines to all be approved pretty soon, with more following. This volume is certainly very impressive indeed.

Success Rate

What is even more impressive than the speed at which these vaccines have been created, is how strong they seem to be against this virus. In most cases they are able to offer over 90% protection and in the case of Pfizer and Moderna those figures are somewhere around the 95% mark. This is not just a vaccine which will help to take the sting out of the virus, it also seeks to banish it from human existence, and with figures like that it could certainly happen.

What we have witnessed here is a truly incredible feat of human engineering.

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