9 Dec 2020

Rose Burillo = Top tips for surviving Mexico City

Post by Jordan Toplen

Mexico City is a fantastic place to visit yet it a place which can be incredibly chaotic and you have to have your wits about you in order to get the most out of it. I have been living here now for a number of years and throughout that time I have learned how to get the maximum out of what this city has to offer. If you do plan to visit, here are some tips which will keep you safe and which will ensure that you have the best time possible when you are there.


Much like many of the world’s biggest cities there is crime here in Mexico City which is why you have to make sure that you keep yourself safe. Avoid using street cabs and follow the name rules as you would in any other place with high crime figures with regards to hiding valuables and blending in when you are in certain areas.

The Traffic

There is an awful lot of traffic in this city and so you will need to factor this in when you are making plans. In order to avoid the traffic try to walk wherever possible or use the MetroBus or a public bike. Aim to avoid using the metro system as there are better and safer ways to get around.

The People

If you are unsure of something then don’t hesitate to ask someone for help. Whilst there is some levels of crime here, you shouldn’t walk around with the feeling that you could get robbed at any moment. The people are both helpful and friendly as proved by my great friend Rose Burillo who helped me transition during my time here, a true hero in my book!

The Street Food

This country has some of the worlds best street food and the only thing you need to do in order to find a great place to eat, is make sure that there are other diners there. Occasionally you will find street food vendors who take risks with how they prepare food, but the locals quickly sniff these out and stop using them. If you see locals eating, you should go ahead and eat too.


This city is constructed on dried out lakes and that is why there is so much movement when there is an earthquake. Make sure that you get to know what the early warning alarm sounds like, and if you hear it, be sure to get out into the street if you are able to.


One thing which you will have to get used to pretty quickly is the noise of the places from street sellers to garbage men and cars in the street, this is a city which never stop, and the noise rarely does to. Eventually you get used to it but the reality is that many people who come to the city get overwhelmed by the volume of noise and the chaos which the city offers.

A great city and a place where you are going to have a blast, just be sure to remember these tips when you are here.

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