4 Oct 2019

Sex addiction rehab

Post by Jordan Toplen

Sex addiction, also known as ‘intimacy malfunction’ is a disorder, where an individual is not able to maintain intimacy and the urge towards sex. The patients can be severely attracted towards sex and can fail badly in maintaining intimate relationships with their partner. Addition is not rare to be seen nowadays and people can get addicted on many things apart from sex such as playing online vegas slots on related casinos or similar sites, smoking, popular video games such as Xbox or Play Station.. Sex addiction is a serious problem and it can hinder in many day to day activities. The patient can end up thinking about sex all day long and can lose focus in work. Sex addiction can take place because of anxiety, depression or the loss of a loved one. Sex addiction is not something that is pre existent and, sex addiction is acquired due to mental and spiritual problems. Sex addiction can also commonly occur because of drug addiction. Sex addiction is deemed as a solace by the patient from their depression and other mental problems. It is really important for the people around the patient to be cooperative. The patient needs to feel very ecstatic and happy in order to come out from the addiction. The patient needs to develop certain goals and ambitions in life which can help them think out of sex. Setting small goals and taking every single step according to those goals can really help distract the patient from thinking about sex. Also achieving the goals can give the patient certain motivation which can help them come out from depression and other mental problems. It can bring about self confidence which can aid in the patient believing in themselves and wanting to achieve something better than being a sex addict. For treating sex addiction in the most efficient way, it is important to realise the problem early. To realise the problem, it is important to know the symptoms. Common symptoms for sex addiction can be, sexual rage, insomnia, having unsafe sex, doing excessive masturbation, involving in short term relationships and having many one- night stands. If these symptoms show up, then sex addiction is surely present and treatment is necessary. There is no proven medication for sex addiction. However, visiting a sex addiction rehab can be the best option. A sex addiction rehab can offer a complete range of programs which can prove to be really helpful in completely treating sex addiction and preventing it from coming back.

Rehab for sex addiction

A good sex addiction rehab is necessary to improve the current condition of the patient. This rehab can offer complete counselling in order to discover the root cause of the addiction and then help tackling the cause. A full psychiatric assessment takes place in order to determine the underlying problems of sex addiction. From one to one sessions with specialised counselors, to group sessions, everything is provided in a good sex addiction rehab. These therapies can help patients tackle the emotions triggering sex addiction and exchange these emotions, with certain good emotions which can help them cope up with addiction and maintain good relations with people. These therapies can teach patients how to utilise time and be busy and distracted from thinking about sex. Patients will be able to maintain healthy relationships and safe sexual and emotional boundaries.

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