29 Jan 2020

Swedish Massage vs Trigger Point Massage

Post by Jordan Toplen

People have taken advantage of various methods to relieve stress, anxiety, pain, and stiffness. The most popular trend is the use of the drug free massage therapy. This soothing method of relief has been used down through the ages for various ailments and discomforts. Massage therapy is not only administered in luxury spas and health clubs. There are many facilities where massage therapists can be found like in hospitals, clinics, airports, businesses, and parlors where massage therapists have their own businesses. There are at least four different types of massages. Each one has a specific purpose, or target area. They are basic in technique, but vary in the intended result.

The Swedish Massage Therapy

The two most basic types of massage are the Swedish Massage, and the Trigger Point Massage. The Swedish Massage is the more gentle form that uses long strokes, deep circular motions, kneading, tapping, and vibration to help a person relax, and be more energized. It was developed by a Swedish physician and athlete who used the techniques of Chinese medical massage with sports medicine. This is the massage that is typically done for non medical reasons. It is popular at spas, parlors, and various other places where a massage can be given. This type is the preference of people who are tired from work, or have sore muscles from exercise, and just want to be able to relax, and get a good night’s sleep without any problems. The Swedish massage is good for calming the nervous system, and relaxing muscular tension. This type massage increases circulation which also increases nutrients and blood supply to muscles. A Swedish massage can also increase flexibility, and help improve posture.

The Trigger Point Massage Therapy

The Trigger point massage focuses on any area where tight muscle fibers can form in the muscles after being over used, or after an injury. This type massage is generally intended for athletes, or people who use strenuous exercise. The massage therapist locates the tensed up muscle, then targets it to relax it. Many sports, and other injuries require this method of massage therapy to help heal the muscle. Trigger point massage can also be used for headaches by focusing on a point that will be beneficial to other areas of the body. It is most beneficial for releasing tightness in the neck and low back portions of the body. It helps improve range of motion, body alignment, and posture. Recurring sessions often help with the chronic pain that is often the result of the referral pain from some trigger points.

Both the Swedish Massage and the Trigger Point Massage are part of massage spa in Boston. Along with standard treatment, these massages are offered for a wide range of health conditions and concerns. Many people enjoy getting massages because it produces feelings of connection and comfort. The two specified types of massage therapy also gives recipients a great feeling of caring. Massages can be given at any time during the day or night. Some people prefer having one before work to boost their energy during the morning. Then, there are others who like to have their massage at the end of a busy day for total relaxation during the evening. Massage therapy does not take the place of regular check ups by a doctor. In fact, your doctor should be consulted before this type therapy begins to ensure that the body is healthy enough to withstand the pressure under which it will be placed.