19 Dec 2020

The Fundamentals of a Fireplace Tools Set

Post by Jordan Toplen

For anyone who has an open-fire at home a fireplace tool set is the absolute must have accessory to ensure that you can properly manage the fire once it gets going. Along with these tools you should always look to have a great quality fireplace screen which can help to protect the home from some of the embers and debris which comes out of the fire itself. In terms of fireplace tools near me I have a number of stores which sell them, yet I often find that they are missing one or two items which I would consider essential for good fire management. These are the fundamentals in my view, with regards to the tools which you should be using.


No matter what you can do to try and avoid it, there is always going to be an excess of ash and soot which comes from the fire and hits the floor around the fire. For this reason a brush is needed to give it a little sweep after you have extinguished the fire. If the brush is too big you will end up with ash all over, so a small brush is certainly preferred here.


The poker is the essential ingredient here, to wiggle, move and well, poke the fire about to make sure you have an even spread of fuel to keep the fire going. The poker can be used for all manner of things in the fire and you will probably find that this is the most used of all the tools which you have.


When the fire gets started you will need to make sure that you have some bellows which will safely give oxygen to the fire in order to keep it going. Now of course you could always look to blow into the fire to give it oxygen but if you do wish to keep your eyebrows safely on your forehead, a set of bellows is going to be a much better idea for you.


Tongs are especially useful if you have to move large logs from one area of the fire to another. Whilst a poker is good for moving smaller pieces, when it comes to larger bits of fuel in the fire the tongs are really the best choice as they provide better stability and safety. The tongs should be very long so that they are easy to operate yet allow you to stand away from the fire whilst you move it around.


And finally a stand o have all of your tools hanging from is not only a functional idea but it makes sure that everything is neatly stowed away. Given that these tools are likely to get covered in ash and soot, it is a smart idea to have them all hanging from the same place so that they are not able to dirty another area of the room.

These are the fundamental tools for any fire.