5 Nov 2019

Tips For A More Eco-Friendly Household

Post by Jordan Toplen

It becomes more and more important for people to reduce their carbon footprint on the planet as each day passes.  The Earth is full of life-sustaining resources, but there are limits to its generosity.  

Scientists are now seeing some of the real-life results of our longstanding carelessness for our environment, and now people like you have the knowledge to do better.  Take the time to read through some helpful tips on how you can make your household a more eco-friendly unit.  

Know what is in your cleaning products

There are plenty of eco-friendly cleaning products on the market today, so you shouldn’t have any trouble making this transition in your home.  Delve into the chemicals used in your cleaning products, so you better understand the impact they can have on the surrounding environment.  

Invest your money into eco-friendly home tech

Making your home more energy efficient and safer on the environment isn’t a monumental task to conquer.  Invest in Energy Star appliances for your kitchen and laundry room.  

Install a smart thermostat in your home for better temperature control, and energy efficient light bulbs in every room.  The more tech savvy the home, the less of an impact you’ll make on the environment. 

Buy your fruits and veggies local 

Purchasing locally grown fruits and veggies is not only a healthier way to eat, but it reduces your carbon footprint.  Thousands of 18-wheelers on the roads every day does make an impact on the ozone.  

When you purchase from local farmers, the food you eat isn’t contributing to that particular source of pollution.  You are also likely to get cleaner, organic fruits and veggies by purchasing from a local farmers’ market.  

Put in the effort to recycle 

It’s not a difficult task to start recycling in your home.  You can typically ask the local trash company for a color-specific bin marked for recycling.  Setup two different trash cans in your home, and teach your family members to separate their recyclables from the trash.  

Upgrade your home in various ways

You can be more energy efficient by upgrading the insulation in your home.  Foam insulation is the best quality insulator for the price, and your home will definitely hold heat/air after installing foam insulation.  Install new double-paned UV protectant windows in your home to provide a peek of the outside without allowing it to come inside.  

Place plants inside your home

Adding plenty of greenery to your home has more benefits than the aesthetic beauty of plants.  Indoor plants like the Boston Fern are extremely efficient at filtering the air inside of your home.  Plants also promote good dreams and a healthy libido. Living in a home with plenty of plants will only bring good things to your home