30 Oct 2021

Underground Cellar Makes High-End Wine Affordable

Post by Jordan Toplen

With the holiday season in full swing, many consumers are looking for bigger and better items to give as gifts. If you’re in this category, here’s a way to make someone happy in your life – by giving them exclusive access to high-end wines with Underground Cellar. This online club offers members the chance to upgrade their “house wines” with rare, limited edition, and even magnum bottles.

The experience at Underground Cellar is simple; you purchase a membership (there are three levels) by paying an initial fee, which gives you access to four pre-selected wines each month. These wines will be personally paired for you with wines that complement the flavors, hints of oak, and rating of the wines. If you don’t love your selection, just have them sent back in exchange for another bottle.

Customers are raving about Underground Cellar in the reviews:

“What I love about this club is that I can try new wines each month at a very reasonable price. The best part, you can exchange it if you don’t like it. They have been great about sending me replacements right away.” – T.J., Santa Rosa CA

“It’s so exciting to get high-end wines delivered right to my doorstep! This definitely spices up the dinner parties and events I host, and my friends and family love it too.” – G.P., Sacramento CA

“The wines are just fantastic, but what’s even better is that Underground Cellar makes it so easy to give high-end wine as a gift! Quickly sending bottles of wine, complete with a personalized card, has been such a hit with my family and friends. The ease of this service is amazing!” – D.S., San Diego CA.

Customers aren’t the only ones raving; it turns out wineries love their service too. Because of the way they are set up, wineries can maintain their price point without advertising at a discount. This helps them increase their brand value and popularity. It’s also an excellent way for new wines to be introduced on the market for very little money spent on advertising or marketing.

“I can’t believe how easy this was. Underground Cellar did all the work for me – they personally paired my wines to their best selections and sent it out. I already feel like I’m selling more of that wine!” – Ava A., Ava Winery.

“We were able to launch a new wine and send out free samples to our members. It costs us very little, and we were able to generate a ton of buzz and excitement – which ultimately lead to more sales.” – Eva H., Atria’s Hope.

“The best thing about this service is that I can rely on Underground Cellar to be my customers’ “wine concierge.” The customer service has been out of this world. They were able to answer all my questions and truly understand the products, just like I do.” – Leonard S., Oak Creek Vineyards.

If you’re looking for an original gift this holiday season, look no further than Underground Cellar. Not only are they providing customers with an exciting new way to experience wine, but they are helping wineries maintain their prices and increase brand value.


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