30 May 2020

Upto 60% Off Jungle Scout Chrome Extension Discount Coupon

Post by Jordan Toplen

If you sell products on Amazon, one of your biggest challenges is identifying profitable categories and products. Product research is extremely time consuming and complicated if you only use free tools such as Google and Amazon’s own search capabilities. Amazon is a huge marketplace and there are many important points to consider before choosing an item to sell.

You want to choose items that, among other things, are popular, reasonably priced, in stock, and well-reviewed. There are many tools and services to help you with such e-commerce tasks but it’s hard to find something that puts all of the relevant information at your fingertips in one place. Jungle Scout is one of the most complete and user-friendly tools that gives you this capability. We took Jungle Scout for a spin, so go ahead and read our review further down below. Apply Jungle Scout Discount Code, Extension discounts, and discounted bundles will also be shared further down the review.

Jungle Scout Categories:

  • Product Tracker: After doing your research, identify the products you wish to target and add them to a tracker to find the monthly sales, revenue, and also how many units sold per day where you can decide exactly what you need.
  • Product Database: Jungle scout has recreated a user-friendly version of the Amazon database to helps its sellers to easily select the products. In this section, you’ve got filters for categories, features, product tiers, competitors, and also you can do a keyword search.
  • Niche Hunter: Niche Hunter is the perfect tool to give accurate data to your product’s most valuable metrics like demand, competition, opportunity score, and quality score. With these, you can estimate where can your product stand out in the market and take appropriate measures to line up your business.

Purpose of Jungle Scout:

Before we continue this review I feel like it is important to let you know how I use Jungle Scout and what I want out of a tool like this. When doing my product research, and come across a product idea on Amazon, I want to have all the required data to determine if this is a suitable product in 1 overview.

So right away, I want to see:

How many sales are the top sellers making?
How many reviews do they have & how is their rating?
Are their listings optimized?
How much fee is Amazon taking?
Is the market seasonal/trendy?

Based on this info I will be able to make a decision if I want to do further research on this product or move on to the next one. I usually only spend around a couple of minutes at this moment, so I can check as many products as possible. Therefore it is extremely important for me to have a tool that can give me all this info right away.

Why jungle scout is the best

  • It offers free resources such as case studies where there are a million case studies as well as providing the beginners with guides on how to optimize the listing and finding products.
  • Jungle scout teaches its audience through the use of video courses, free webinars, podcasts, case studies, and more.
  • Jungle Scout has its best interest in supporting and giving back to the Amazon seller community. This is evident in various cases when they raise money for charities or scholarship opportunities given to entrepreneurial students. Enjoy savings on amazon product research tool with Jungle Scout Coupon Code.
  • Jungle Scout has made it easier to access relevant information that is vital in validating a winning business idea.
  • Jungle scout has the web app and the chrome extension products which they sell to their customers at discounted prices using the jungle scout discount code.