29 Nov 2019

Ways to Tell Your Partner to Get Actively Involved in Wedding Preparations 

Post by Jordan Toplen

It’s not a good thing to deal with wedding preparations alone. You need someone to help you out. Before thinking of a wedding organizer or supplier, you have to start with your partner. It’s your wedding, so you need to deal with every aspect together. If you notice that your partner doesn’t seem to care about the wedding plans, it’s an alarming sign.

It could mean that your partner doesn’t care enough about your relationship to even bother about wedding details. It could also mean that you have a partner who doesn’t want active involvement in your life. Imagine if you have kids. You will make lots of decisions together. You can’t always do things alone. These are some useful tips to tell your partner to get involved in the wedding preparations.

Make decisions together

You can casually sneak the wedding plans into your conversation. While dining or before sleeping at night, you can discuss some plans. You can make it look like you’re just choosing between two things, but it helps. At least, your partner has a say in some aspects of the wedding plans. You can start to discuss more details once you have brought your partner into the conversation.

Be honest

There’s no easy way to talk about this issue other than being honest. You have to tell your partner that you’re unhappy doing all the plans alone. You want to deal with every detail together. You might even have to discuss underlying issues in your relationship. It could open a can of worms, but you would rather discuss them now. You want to know that your partner still wants to be with you, and is willing to go through the entire process with you. Again, it’s not the only thing you will decide together. In the future, you will need to make tougher decisions together.

Present the plans 

Your partner doesn’t get involved because you have all the information about the wedding details. You have to start sharing information if you want your partner to care. Some of them might be boring, while others are difficult to understand. Despite that, it’s important for you to discuss every detail together.

Don’t be dominant

The reason why your partner doesn’t care anymore is that you’re too controlling. You decide on every detail. When your partner suggests something, you immediately cut it off. You have a lot of ideas in mind, and you’re not open to suggestions. Since you already have things figured out, your partner doesn’t want to be part of the process anymore. If you want things to change, you need to learn how to entertain ideas. For instance, if your partner has some good recommendations about the best wedding photographers Lincoln couples hire for their weddings, you need to consider them.

Your wedding is just the beginning of your life together. You need to make things work. You can’t start on the wrong foot since it could adversely impact the rest of your married life.