30 Dec 2019

Where Small Businesses Use Most Electricity

Post by Jordan Toplen

Small businesses have to always keep a keen eye on their monthly outgoings in order to maintain a solid financial position. Within this there is some spending which will be optional, and other spending which simply has to be done. One aspect of these monthly costs is the amount of electricity used within the business, a necessary expenditure but one which is going to really add up over the course of a year. There are ways in which you can reduce this spending such as using this great ebook, but first you have to understand what exactly is costing the money, let’s take a look.


Computer Equipment

Whether you are running an office, a store or even a warehouse, it is more than likely that a large portion of your monthly electricity bill is made up with use of computer equipment. In the modern world we depend heavily on computers and automated systems to keep our businesses running and in the case of most businesses this is what costs most money.


Lighting is another huge component of your energy bill and even a small operation is going to be spending a lot on lighting costs. Let’s say that your business uses 50 light bulbs, assuming that they are 60 watt bulbs this means that your business will be using 3000 watts of electricity every hour. Lighting costs are difficult to get away from given their necessity.

Heating and Cooling

Whether relying portable heaters and coolers or operating a central system to maintain the temperature in your business, this is also going to bring in high electricity bills. There are ways in which you can trim the costs of your temperature control systems but ultimately they are going to contribute heavily to your bills.

Kitchen Appliances

Even the small things add up and that is why we have to also put things like kitchen appliances in here. If your business provides a kettle, toaster, microwave or any other electrical appliance for its staff then this is something which is going to help increase the costs of your monthly bills.

Exit Signs

Believe it or not, those necessary exit signs in your business could be costing you around $35 per year. Traditional signs use around 350 kWh per year, and generally speaking it costs $100 per 1,000 kWh of usage. As you can see, even these small, relatively minor uses of electricity all add up, right down to the emergency exit signs.

Tips on Saving Money

Once you understand where you are spending the money it is time to look at how you can start to save it. The team at utilitybidder.co.uk put together the great ebook which we mentioned at the top, and this can greatly help you to save big on your monthly bills. The key is looking at alternatives and improving behavior. Switching to energy saving lightbulbs, adding a thermostat to control temperature and getting your staff to switch off equipment when they are not using it are all examples of how you can make small changes to save big on your monthly electricity costs.

Take action and save money for your small business.

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