27 Nov 2019

Why a Gym Needs a Mobile Application

Post by Jordan Toplen

Investing some time and money in gym app development is a move every fitness center should make. Having a fitness center app can turn out to be very beneficial not only on the business point of view but on the consumer side as well.

However, an application like this shouldn’t be designed as simple as possible. On the contrary, it needs to have many features that allow the business to further improve the customers’ experience, in order to strengthen the connection as well as it can.


 Staying linked with clients even when they are not using a gym, through an app can prove to be a crucial part in the fitness business because it sets a reminder to the customers to keep visiting the gym, thus creating user loyalty.

A client which is able to connect to the gym he is going to, with the help of a phone application, will also benefit. It allows better communication between the gym and the customer himself, therefore bringing more customer satisfaction.

Also, being able to visualize their own progress and performance, gym attendants will get motivated to further improve their health and body.

A gym mobile app puts the enterprise in a customer orientation point of view, which is very important because in a business like this everything is about the members of the gym. They are long term clients, and a gym should try to do its best in order to make their users feel like they are more than welcome there, thus prolonging their stay.


A fitness center app proves to be a very attractive solution for improving communication between the administration and its members. It’s basically a direct communication channel. The gym can transmit any information they want directly to the clients, in an instant, and vice-versa.

People always carry their phones everywhere they go, so any information sent by the clients or the business itself can be received, also in an instant, thus making communication extremely efficient.


Also, a gym can create some side revenue of its own phone application, by using different methods.

First of all, a fitness center can monetize its app by making a premium version of it.

This method also ensures that you have a loyal customer base.

In the premium version, users can get access to all sorts of exclusive content, such as extra video classes, health tips, or pre-made workout plans for both beginners and more experienced people.

Secondly, the app can generate more side revenue through advertisements. Users on the app create traffic, the more traffic it has, the more people see and click on the ads themselves, thus bringing the enterprise some extra money.


That being said, expanding a business by creating an app proves to be quite a viable option.

It benefits the fitness center itself by creating side revenue, improving communication with the customers, and creating loyalty. The clients benefit from the app as well by improving their overall experience.

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