8 Oct 2019

Why Defensive Driving When Traveling is Especially Important

Post by Jordan Toplen

Most people enjoy traveling on vacations. There are some stressful aspects of it for sure, but for the most part, the expectation is that relaxation is the priority. Hopefully, on your vacation, you won’t be in a hurry when you’re traveling. That’s one of the worst things about not being organized – you end up rushing. 

If you are in charge of driving, that can lead to a lot of negative consequences, however. So, especially when driving on vacation, you should always operate your vehicle defensively.

What benefits does defensive driving have? First of all, you are doing a much better job avoiding car accidents. Second, defensive driving allows you to stay on time while traveling because you give yourself extra time to get places. And third, because you don’t have to worry about getting speeding tickets or running into other cars, you won’t have to pay for those negative events with your holiday money. 

Relaxation on your vacation starts with being organized and slowing down. That is especially true with your driving style.

Avoiding Car Accidents

When you drive defensively, you are much more likely to avoid car accidents. Even if you are an excellent driver, that doesn’t mean that everyone else on the road is. Defensive driving means looking out for other people as potentially dangerous drivers. 

The last thing you want when you’re on a vacation is to have to call a car accident lawyer because someone on the road was texting and driving and accidentally ran into you. Defensive driving could help you out in that case.

Staying on Time

On vacation, you don’t want to have to rush to meet deadlines. You want to go slowly about your day and leave yourself plenty of time to get to your tourist destinations. When it comes to driving your car, driving defensively means leaving earlier so that you budget plenty of time. You want to avoid unfamiliar territory, traffic jams, or any other time-consuming issues. If your priority is to relax on vacation, then defensive driving and long drive time estimations are going to be your best friends.

Keeping Within Your Holiday Budget

If you’re going on vacation, you should set yourself up with a holiday budget. Where in that budget do you see money to go to the results of a car accident or two speeding tickets? It is nowhere in there! 

The only way to avoid these two huge hits to your vacation budget is to avoid the situations which make them happen. Again, it comes back to defensive driving. If you don’t want a speeding ticket, then you don’t speed! Leave your aggressive driving techniques at home, and appreciate the slower pace with your family.