28 Feb 2020

Why Does Your Phone Never Stop Ringing?

Post by Jordan Toplen

Does it seem at times as if your phone will never stop ringing?

For some people, their phones ring at a constant pace during the day. While some of those calls may be important, others turn out not so much.

That said how can you cut down on the amount of calls you are getting?

Have You Given Out Your Number All Too Often?

One of the reasons you may be inundated with calls is that you’ve given your number out all too often.

For example, do you give it out when signing up for different promotions (see more below)? If so, chances are good companies have your info and will use it. As such, your phone could be ringing again and again.

Your best line of defense of course is to limit who you give your number to. By doing this, the odds of getting a lot of calls will go down.

If the calls seem never-ending, you could go online and try to find out who calls so often.

While some may leave a message and describe who they represent, others may hang up. Those latter calls get annoying after some time goes by.

So, go online and proceed with a reverse lookup phone search.

That search can help you to locate the owners of various phone numbers reaching out to you. If they do not leave their name and number on messages or hang up, you can be left wondering who is calling all the time.

At the end of the day, your goal is to get the calls to cease. If they do not, you can end up with constant ringing. You may also have to go through countless voice mails should they leave messages.

Promotions Not Always Worth Signing up for

Have you been at events or been given flyers where a promotion sounds worth signing up for? If so, have you taken the bait all too often?

An example would be when you are at an event and companies are handing out literature and trying to sign people up. It could be you get a few free nights in a hotel for listening to a speech on what a resort has to offer and more. Sure, it may sound like a good idea at the time to sign up and go through with it. In the end, you get some free nights to stay at a nice place and all for listening to a speech or taking a tour of a facility.

Now, keep in mind that the company sponsoring such a thing now has info which includes your number. Although they may say they won’t be reaching out much, this is often not the case. Before you know it, you hear from them again and again.

Another example is when you sign up for a job hunting service.

The service may reach out to you again and again with job offers, some of which you have no interest in. Once again, you are stuck with too many phone calls.

Still another example is if you are in debt. Unfortunately for you and many other consumers, debt collectors may get involved. Before you realize it, you are getting called over and over again and at some inopportune times of the day.

The bottom line is to guard your phone number.

When you do; the chances of the phone never stopping to ring goes down.