31 May 2021

3 Ways To Help You Get Less Screen Time During The Day

Post by Jordan Toplen

While many parents and adults have heard studies and stories about how too much screen time can be harmful to children, what many of us fail to realize is just how harmful screen time can be for adults, too. But with no one there to monitor who much screen time you’re getting each day, and with many jobs requiring you to look at a screen from 9-to-5, it can be hard to know just how many hours of your day are spent staring at a screen.

If you feel like your screen time is getting excessive, here are three ways to help you get less screen time during the day. 

Get Rid Of What Doesn’t Serve You Anymore

To consistently get less screen time during your day, you’ve got to make it harder for you to look at screens. This can either be done physically, like by putting your phone or computer away, or by getting rid of the TV channels, apps, or streaming services that you spend too much time watching. 

One great way to implement this into your life, according to Caroline Burke, a contributor to Bustle.com, is to delete the apps from your phone that you spend too much time on. Take a look at how much time your phone spends within certain apps and then either delete the app from your home screen or hide that app within a number of other folders. By doing this, you’ll think twice about finding the app and spending your time in this way. 

Make Certain Spaces Screen-Free

Another option you might want to try, according to CNBC, is to make certain places in your home or in your life as “screen-free” areas

To start off, you might want to put this rule in place in rooms like your bedroom and the bathroom. Then, as you get used to this, you can commit to not watching screens while you’re eating or doing other activities at home. 

Prioritize Screen-Free Activities

In addition to not bringing your phone or other screens with you into certain areas of your home or life, if you’re really wanting to curb your screen usage, you might need to replace this habit with something new that doesn’t involve a screen. 

Some activities you may want to consider to take the place of using your phone or watching your TV, according to Regina Borsellino, a contributor to The Muse, could include baking, reading, doing various art projects, puzzles, playing board or card games, physical activity, and so much more. 

If you’re ready to start cutting back on your screen time on a more regular basis, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you find ways that you can do this within your own life and routine. 

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