19 Dec 2020

5 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Post by Jordan Toplen

All of us have learned an awful lot over the last decade about climate change and each of our roles within it. Now whilst the lion’s share of the work has done be done by governments and private companies around the world, we have to recognize also that each of us can do our bit to minimize the impact that we can have. In order to reduce your carbon footprint it is important to remember that the solution is not always very difficult, in fact there are some very easy ways in which you can make sure that you reduce your carbon footprint, starting today.

Energy Use In the Property

Energy use at home requires a great deal of power which pumps out toxic gases to the environment and so the less energy we use the better we can take care of the planet. This is very simple and all it takes is a change in behaviors around the home. Switching lights off when they are not in use, adding layers of clothing instead of putting the heating on, closing windows and doors to keep he heat in and using a thermostat for heating and AC machines to maintain the temperature of the home only when it is required. These simple changes will make a big difference indeed.

Cycle or Walk

Wherever it is possible you should be looking to cycle or walk instead of taking the car. These methods require absolutely nothing but a bit of effort on your part and they can massively minimize the damage that we all cause to the environment.

Car Pool or Public Transport

If you do have to drive somewhere or you feel that the distance is too far to walk or cycle then the best option is to instead look to share the ride with someone or take pubic transport. Whilst using vehicles on the road is not ideal, at the very least we have to acme sure that if we do, they are used when they are full up so that we can make the absolute most of this usage.


It is easier to recycle than it has ever been before and this is exactly why we have to make sure that we take advantage of this opportunity. Recycling waste means that we can reuse something which we would have previously sent to landfill. The reason why this is so important is because so much of the stuff which we waste takes many years o decompose and whilst that is happening it releases dangerous gases into the sky. For this reason we must ensure that we take every opportunity to recycle glass, metals, paper, cardboard and plastic.

Single Use Plastic

Leading on from that discussion around plastic, we have to do all that we can to minimize single use plastic. This has really become a blight on our society and it is essential that we all try to do what we can to prevent this from continuing. This means taking advantage of reusable water bottles, avoiding takeaways which use heavy amounts of plastic and doing all that we can to ensure that if we do use it, we then look to recycle it.

These are just a few ways in which you can minimize your carbon footprint.