14 Oct 2019

5 Tips For Increasing Your Self Esteem

Post by Jordan Toplen

Self-esteem is an essential part of feeling good about yourself and what you are capable of. People who have low self-esteem may not feel motivated in general and are more susceptible to depression and even addiction.

If you struggle with seeing yourself in a positive light, then you may suffer from low self-esteem. The good news is, changing your perception of yourself is possible by applying the right methods. Here are some of the best methods for boosting your self-esteem and improving your life.

Practice Good Grooming Habits

Although the way you look doesn’t determine your self-worth, there is a link between neglecting yourself and feeling badly about who you are. People who let themselves go on the outside have usually let themselves go on the inside.

That’s not to say it’s necessary to spend hours in front of the mirror; however, you should do things like shave, shower, wear clean clothes, and practice good oral hygiene. That little voice in your head that tells you that could be doing better may be right if you’re failing to practice self-care! The only way you can expect to be able to give to others is to first give to yourself.

Accept Your Mistakes

No one is perfect, and neither should they try to be. Mistakes are a natural part of the human experience. Without mistakes, we would fail to learn and make self-improvements. 

Rather than focusing on what you’ve done wrong, accept each hiccup along the way as an opportunity to improve yourself. Stop beating yourself up!


Not only does regular exercise improve your physique, but it also increases your mood-boosting endorphins. Something as simple as going for a thirty-minute walk a day can get your blood pumping and mood elevated. The more that you get out and get moving, the more motivated you’ll be to keep doing it! 

Surround Yourself With Supportive People

Find friends that make you feel good about yourself. If you have a negative view of yourself, it may be because the other people around you are convincing you to feel that way.

Stay away from people who trigger you into looking at the world negatively. Most importantly, stay away from people who don’t encourage who you are!

Embrace What You’re Good At 

When you’re good at something, it gives you a sense of pride. When you find something that you enjoy that you have a knack for, stick with it!

Embrace your talents and celebrate your success! The more that you recognize how good you are at something, the more that you’ll start to perceive yourself as worthy.