12 Mar 2021

6 Tips For Avoiding Workplace Injuries

Post by Jordan Toplen

One seemingly small workplace injury can have a much more severe effect on your business than you realize. Between lost productivity and potentially having to cover your employee’s medical bills, it’s in your best interest to avoid employees getting hurt as much as possible. 

Here are some of the best ways to avoid workplace injuries. 

Properly Train Staff 

It’s important that every single member of your staff is trained on basic safety protocols. They should be capable of paying attention to their surroundings and able to effectively operate any machinery that they are expected to operate. Properly training your staff should be a top priority, and in some cases failing to train your staff may even be illegal. 

Make sure that, in addition to training your staff, that you review safety procedures regularly so that your staff is clear on the rules. 

Keep Things Tidy   

One of the biggest reasons for workplace accidents is a messy atmosphere. Keeping things tidy can significantly reduce the chance of someone hurting themselves due to clutter. Slips, falls, and bumps are not uncommon in places that haven’t been properly cleaned. Workspaces should be kept tidy in order to maintain a safe working environment. 

Safety Checks  

It’s important that your equipment is regularly checked for safety. Any kind of vehicle or equipment should be carefully inspected on a regular basis to ensure there are no safety hazards that need to be handled. In some cases, accidents happen, which could have easily been avoided by a simple safety check before operating the machinery or vehicle. When it comes to safety, you’re better safe than sorry every time. 

Encourage Communication  

One of the best ways to ensure that everyone stays safe is to encourage open communication among staff. Employees should be encouraged to identify and report hazards that could be dangerous to them or others. But encouraging communication among staff, you’ll be able to prevent a considerable amount of accidents. 

Post Signs  

Signs are one of the most straightforward ways to keep everyone on the same page. Post signs anywhere that people should be informed about safety hazards. Make sure that they are easily noticed and simple to read. Even though you might think something is obvious, it may not be for everyone. Clear graphics with bright colors are the most effective when trying to convey a message of a safety concern. 

Wear Proper Gear 

In some cases, your employees may require special equipment in gear to avoid accidents. Things like steel-toed shoes, helmets, or even sibile safe gloves like those from Unigloves (go directly to Unigloves here), are incredibly important in warehouse environments. It’s important that employees are aware of the requirement to wear protective gear, particularly when handling hazardous materials. It could be a matter of life and death.

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