8 Oct 2019

Building A Digital Presence For Your Business

Post by Jordan Toplen

The age of the internet is well underway, and your business must work to develop its reach in a way that draws people to respond.  In short, you have to know what you’re doing online to run a successful business in the 21st century.  

Developing high digital visibility will benefit your business more than any other marketing efforts.  People spend their lives connected to the social and educational elements of the web. Give consumers something to pique their interests.  

Here is a brief look at a few ways you can take action to develop a more visible digital presence for your business.  Consider your next move, and start working towards your future today. 

Hit social media hard 

Social media drives the heart of commerce online.  So much so, that people get paid to be “social media influencers.”  The power of platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is immense, and your business has to find a way to harness it for good.  

Build a few social media profiles for your business, and keep it interesting.  You won’t find success by simply posting a profile and letting it sit idle. You have to be present on social media to draw the most benefit from the outlet. 

Take time for a quality interaction

Communication is important in every realm of business.  When you’re working in digital terms, communication becomes even more important, as misinterpretation is much easier through written (or typed) words.  

Your business website is the prime location for digital communication with consumers.  

Design your business site to make it easy for users to share their questions, comments, and thoughts.  This industrial air chiller website shows a good example of how to provide several ways to communicate through the design of one page.  

Mobile accessibility is key

Don’t make the mistake of underestimating the prevalence of mobile web users online.  They are the majority, and your digital efforts should be worked around the needs of the masses.  

There is not much space for digital pages that are not designed to work or display correctly on a mobile device.  Take the time to truly educate yourself on the best practices for mobile optimization, and then apply everything you learned to every piece of digital content your business produces.  

Move at the pace of the web 

The web and the world are always moving in a fast-paced forward direction.  Your business has to work daily to keep up with shifting trends and standards in marketing/visibility.  

Don’t let your digital content sit idle for very long before you upload new content.  Convenience addictions don’t draw the line at digital experiences. People want businesses to keep pace with their lives, and so you shall.