4 Oct 2019

Should You Invest in Digital Marketing Services?

Post by Jordan Toplen

As a medium or large-sized company you will likely already have a Digital Marketing team within your burgeoning Marketing Department. There is no doubt that Digital Marketing is a key element of an overall Marketing Strategy for any industry. But, should some of your Digital Marketing being outsourced? Essentially the more you outsource the less knowledge there is in-house, and your budget will be spent on Digital Marketing Services as opposed to employees who will help keep the knowledge inside.

You probably had the same concerns years ago when you invested in Public Relations, or when deciding whether to outsource your Graphic Design or not.

What Advantages are There to Outsourcing Your Digital Marketing Services?

It is worth considering the advantages of outsourcing Digital Marketing Services. Primarily the two key advantages are functional knowledge and use of cutting-edge AI technology.

Functional Knowledge – a good Digital Marketing Agency will have specialised teams for each element of the Digital Marketing mix, with technical analysts who provide the keywords and website expertise, a team of copywriters, a Journalist and PR department, SEO experts, Social Media and PPC advertising campaign managers, Reputation Management specialists, and Content Marketing experts. Each individual is an expert in their field, trained to carry out that function effectively and to a high standard.

You wouldn’t want to have a General Surgeon carry out Brain Surgery or Heart Surgery. They probably could do it, but the Cardiac Surgeon has done that surgery hundreds of times before, they do it every day.

Anyone who works within Digital Marketing Services will also be keeping up with market-leading techniques, attending seminars and online training events to keep their skills up to date. They’ve also often got a path to promotion within their company where they will continue to specialise but take on more responsibility, can that be said for someone within your internal Marketing Department, will they ever be able to be VP of Social Media Advertising?

Some functions within Digital Marketing Services are also highly specialised like Digital Publication Relations because they often require a background in journalism, coupled with a large rolodex of both mainstream and trade journalists. The relationships they have with national and international journalists is based on regular and varied contact, which they can have because they have a portfolio of clients. But as one firm with one set of services or products, it’s hard to maintain regular contact with journalists without overloading them with similar content, which will annoy them.

Cutting-Edge AI Technology – is also another advantage to consider. The top Digital Marketing Services firms have their own proprietary software which is designed to build efficient and effective campaigns for Public Relations Campaigns, PPC and Social Media Advertising, and Search Engine Optimization. You could of course subscribe to off-the-shelf software yourselves, but it won’t be tailored to your industry’s needs and your staff will never be able to get full value out of it.

It is the technology behind the Digital Marketing Services which gives them competitive advantage, an advantage they can pass onto their clients.

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