15 Jan 2021

Diamond Environmental Services – Points to Remember When Planning an Outdoor Wedding

Post by Jordan Toplen

Last year, after many months of planning, my wife and I were able to have the outdoor wedding which we had always dreamed of. What I was unaware of before we set about planning the wedding was just how taxing it would be and just how much there was to consider, which I had never even thought about. Based on this experience there are a few things which I wanted to scribe for any of you who plan to have your very own outdoor wedding, some important areas not to forget.


Even if your marquee is attached to a building with toilets, it is much nicer to be able to provide some high quality toilets for your guests. Naturally you will want to avoid festival-esque toilets and so I would recommend that you use someone such as Diamond Environmental Services who do some very high quality options for an event like this.

All Walkway

Even though the grounds on which we married were all dry grass, it only takes a couple of drink spillages for that grass to get wet and pose a mud risk to your visitors, or worse still that someone may slip over. With this in mind it is important that you have planned for a false floor to be put down in all of the outside areas, so that people can follow that walkway. At the very least if someone ignores the path and they do fall over, they certainly can’t blame you.


This may have simply been stupidity on our part but there was something of a panic the day before we got married when we realized that we had no way of getting sufficient electricity outside to the tent, in order to power the lights and the DJ booth. Thankfully we were able to rally around and get a couple of generators which did the trick, but it is certainly something which I would urge you to make sure that you have plans for electricity outside.

Weather Plans

A friend of mine married in an outdoor wedding the year before us and something which they did really well, and something which inspired us, was to plan for any weather. Even if the place where you are getting married is ‘always’ dry at this time of year, there is often the chance that things can change, and you’ll have to have a plan in place. Think of how the wedding will look if the heavens open and there is a tropical rainstorm, how will be people stay dry and can the marquee take on such weather? These are essential questions to ask with regards to weather and in doing so you can be sure that nothing will catch you out should everything suddenly take a turn for the worst.

These are some key areas of consideration to make before you finalize your plans for your outdoor wedding.