9 Dec 2020

Dino Tomassetti Jr. – Why Planning Permission Exists

Post by Jordan Toplen

Whenever you are planning to build something new on your home, or indeed build a new structure on a piece of land which you own, you must get permission to do so first. This planning permission canoe a real pain but the reality is that there is nothing you can do to get around it. If you do not get planning permission first and you decide to build anyway then you may certainly find it the case that you get fined or at worst, you get asked to take the building down.

We caught up with real estate expert Dino Tomassetti Jr. to find out more about exactly what planning permission is for and why we need to get it in the first place. Let’s take a look.

Respecting Privacy

The most common reason for permission to get refused is because the design of the new building or structure means that you will be infringing on the privacy of your neighbors. Everyone has a right to privacy and if you are creating something which will block the view or which will overlook someone’s garden. This is something which you have to bear in mind when you are looking to design a new structure.

Respecting the Environment

A great number of our planning laws are in place to offer protection to the environment. There are a number of reasons why these laws are in place and they protect a wide range of aspects of nature. For example if you are planning on cutting down a tree which is essential for wildlife and the local eco system then it is likely that you are not going to be able to get planning permission for the move. There are also a number of building regulations which are in place to protect the environment on a wider scale, and that is why there are some materials which are not allowed to be used in the construction of a property. The environment plays a big role in why planning permission exists.

Respecting The Landscape

One area of planning which is vitally important is for those living in areas which have the characteristics of the street or the town protected. For example if there is a sweet which is filled with Georgian style homes, then the local government may very well have looked to protect this. What that will mean for anyone living in that street is that any changes to the property, if any are allowed, would have to be done with that style or characteristic in mind. This is something which can be found the world over and it is something which you most certainly have to be conscious of, in some cases you may not realize that you live in such an area.

These are the main reasons why planning permission exists in the first place. As painful as it is to go through the process of getting permission, it is just something that has to be done.