27 Mar 2020

Improving Your SEO in 2020

Post by Jordan Toplen

SEO is a key component of digital marketing and one that is essential to a business’s digital marketing success. In today’s virtual business environment, where the majority of business is done online, even the smallest startups have as much potential to reach customers with their offering as large global companies do. The digital realm, in which most businesses now run, makes it far easier for smaller companies to be just as successful as their larger counterparts. 

However, just because the potential to reach customers is there, that doesn’t mean that time and effort doesn’t need to be put in, to achieve success. Search Engine Optimization – aka SEO – can give a business a real boost of success, but only when it’s done right. The higher a website is ranked in a search engine like Google, the greater chance that you will beat your competitors with your key customer demographic choosing to visit your site, rather than theirs. The issue is that getting your business’s SEO right isn’t always an easy task. 

The good news is that there are lots of simple hacks that can help you to give your business’s SEO a boost in 2020. 

Understand keywords 

A crucial aspect of effective SEO is keywords, so understanding how keywords should be selected is important. Keywords aren’t as complicated as you would think; they are simply words or phrases that relate to your business and what potential customers may search in search engines like Google. By getting your business’s keywords right, it can make all the difference between SEO success and failure. 

You can easily research keywords that are relevant to your business – there are plenty of online tools that can help you to do so and make the process quicker and easier. You want to source key phrases that are the most relevant to your business, but also phrases that key competitors may not be using. Creativity is a key part of SEO success. 

Publish high-quality content 

When it comes to SEO success, content is king. That’s why it is essential that you are only publishing high-quality, well-written content. It needs to be super relevant and packed full of useful information, with keywords and phrases carefully positioned naturally within the text. 

A lot of companies who don’t feel confident in regards to their content creation ability, choose to outsource the task to content writing specialists like Click Intelligence, to help ensure SEO success. Remember, the content that you are sharing should combine a mixture of ‘evergreen’ content and timely content. It’s also crucial to post consistently, as failing to do so can impact your search engine ranking. 

Include links

As well as publishing content of a high-quality, it is also essential to include a number of relevant links within the piece. This should include both internal and external links; external links should go to relevant, non-competing sites of a high-quality. When it comes to internal links, opt for links to pages and blogs that are relevant to what is being talked about within the content being created. 

Take note of the tips above and you can give your business the best chance of SEO success in 2020.