22 Apr 2021

Shift Smart – Why Remote Working Won’t Completely Take Over

Post by Jordan Toplen

There is a huge surge at moment in the number of people who are looking to work remotely. Companies like Shift Smart which offer remote working solutions are seeing more people than ever sign up for this way of working. There are so many benefits to both employer and the employee, but the reality is that remote working is not going to completely take over as many think that it might. We are certainly going to see a huge move in the office world towards remote working, but here are just a few reasons why it will not be dominant.

Hands On

The first thing that we have to remember is that there is still an enormous number of industries which require hands on work, and they are not going to go remote. In some cases we may actually see robotics provide the likes of surgeons with a chance to work remotely. When it comes to something such as construction or even manufacturing however, the truth is that we still need people there, performing tasks and using their expertise.

Face to Face

Ultimately there are still a huge amount of people out there who are not just going to do business over a Zoom call. They will of course do this where it is necessary, but there is still a big group of people who like to see the whites of another’s eyes before they sign a deal. Meetings have and always will be a hugely important part of business and that is why people being sleepy remote won’t be something that absolutely everyone does.

Employee Choice

It is true that we have seen a huge upsurge in those who are looking to work remotely but there is still a huge number of employees out there who really do enjoy what they do and the environment in which they do it. This is especially true after the year which we have just had, and there has been so many people who genuinely wish to get back to how things were. This is the group of people who are certainly likely to reject any kind of offer to go back to working remotely. In many cases people like getting out of the house to go to work, and again they are the people who simply won’t wish to stay a home and carry on working.


There are many companies which simply don’t believe that they will be able to manage their staff very well if they are all at home. There are also many businesses which remain stuck in the past, and they will also be the kind of people who also refuse to change to any new ways of working.

There is absolutely no question that working remotely is going to be hugely popular in the coming years, and the new normal for many. With this being said, this is not going to be something which completely takes over, at least not yet.