30 Oct 2021

Teal Swan Talks About Overcoming Past Trauma

Post by Jordan Toplen

Teal Swan is an internationally renowned teacher and spiritual mentor who has inspired millions of people in over 50 countries.

She has spent the last 20 years traveling the world in search of truth, authenticity, freedom, and joy so that she can share these findings with those longing to experience it themselves.

Since a young age, Teal has been acutely aware of the presence of unseen beings, which was how she initially realized that her life had profoundly changed.

She has not only balanced but surpassed childhood trauma, one of the most difficult paths to travel in this lifetime. Because of her own experience, Teal will tell you that “there is no problem so great or small that it can’t be overcome.”

In this interview, Teal and I discuss the worst kinds of abuse and how she was able to overcome it:

Q: So, what was going on for you around this time?

Teal: I was experiencing multiple forms of abuse from a close family member. The type of things that happened were very, very dark, and it went on for years. Unfortunately, my mom was absent from my life due to legal problems, so she couldn’t protect me from what was going on.

Q: How old were you when it started?

Teal: It was difficult for me to be aware of it because I think there’s something that happens to human beings where they block out trauma. So it makes sense that as a child, I would have blocked certain memories because they seemed very horrific. When I accessed those memories later on as an adult, the first thing I remembered as a child was feeling this sense of dread and trauma from what was going on.

Q: So, what advice would you give someone overcoming trauma?

Teal: I would say that if someone came to me with this issue or problem, I would tell them they absolutely have to give themselves the time they need to heal. And not just their mind but also their body, because trauma is held in the body so much more than it’s held in the mind. It’s my opinion that people are given the assignment of entering this world with certain karmic agreements or programs intact. We are here to either fulfill those agreements, change them, or release them entirely. I think that trauma is one thing that holds us back the most from doing our soul’s work and becoming all that we can be.

Q: When you have reached the point where you are in touch with all of your feelings, is it right to say that the fear is gone?

Teal: It is absolutely possible to get rid of fear. I don’t mean killing or cutting out, but transforming into something else. There’s always room for you inside of yourself to let go of fear.

Q: I’m assuming the trauma you went through is something you have completely transformed?

Teal: Absolutely. I think it’s not only possible for people to heal, but necessary. If we don’t, then there comes a point where life becomes intolerable, and no joy can be experienced at all because you’re just holding on to a memory.

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