13 Nov 2020

Top 7 Businesses That Will Skyrocket in 2021

Post by Jordan Toplen


It’s not a surprise that the economy took a blow because of the coronavirus pandemic. People keep saying how the effect of the virus on the economy will still be felt even in the years to come. But despite the challenges and uncertainty of the future, there are businesses expected to grow in 2021. 


For now, you may be focused on the pandemic and staying safe, as you should. But that doesn’t mean you cannot keep an eye on the businesses that have the potential to skyrocket in the year to come. Here are seven that we may see thriving in 2021. 


  1. Online Education


It’s not a surprise that the pandemic was a challenge for everyone, including students who were forbidden to go to classes, and now they can also see their classmates and professors on their screens. But it was also challenging for schools worldwide to switch from normal classes to online ones, and it just didn’t feel the same. However, it’s necessary to keep everyone safe and prevent the spread of the virus.


Since the pandemic is still going strong, it’s hard to estimate how long students will have to study from home, so plans have been made to make this easier for them. Companies are working on online learning plans and technology, and this entire thing could lead to new changes in education that will help both students and teachers. This could be life-changing even after the pandemic. 


  1. Online Fitness


With gyms closing this year, people didn’t want to stop making progress and thus moved to online fitness. This business was already seeing a boost, but it is expected to grow even more with the current challenges.


While many already went back to the gym, some people formed new habits and will want to maintain them. Joe Wicks, for instance, a known fitness instructor and TV personality, started making YouTube workouts and gained a lot of traction in 2020 as a lot of people subscribed to his channel. People accepted that the new normality is working out from home and got serious. Some will most likely continue exercising from the comfort of their home, which is a win for the online fitness business. 


  1. Digital Marketing


Digital marketing has been already growing for a decade, but since companies are now investing less in digital marketing, the industry is starting to have some losses. But next year, it is expected to skyrocket if things go well. 


If the pandemic ends, businesses will try to recover their cash-flow, which means they will try to reach their customers, and digital marketing will be the best solution for that. Therefore, it’s worth learning some digital marketing skills early on. 


  1. Cannabis-Infused Beverages


Many people who like browsing for CBD oil for sale have been excited about cannabis-infused beverages. They are expected to boom in 2021, and the business will quickly become very profitable. They’re great for people who are health-conscious and avoid alcoholic drinks. Already established brands are forming partnerships, while more and more brands are joining the market. We might see CBD beverages more often than we think.


  1. eCommerce


People are shopping online more than ever since they’re trying to isolate, or because their favorite shops are not open. Although the eCommerce business is already big, it may become more widespread even in continents like Africa, where people don’t buy that much online. More companies will realize they don’t need expensive real-estate, and people will start loving online shopping even more. 


  1. Food Delivery


As you probably know, food delivery was a wonderful option while restaurants and bars were closed, and the trend will most likely continue in the future as well. More people could see how easy it is to order food at home, especially since there are so many specialized apps for this. It’s highly unlikely that companies will go back to dine-in only, especially as people get used to food deliveries. We can expect to see more of this in 2021.


  1. Stock Market Investing


People are selling off many of their assets to cut back on their spending, which may end up in a market crash. As a result, people who want to make smart investments will start buying stocks at minimal prices and will help the market recover. This is something that may happen quite often next year. 


Final Thoughts

All these types of businesses will see a lot of growth in the year to come. Keep an eye on them because it’s going to be very interesting to see them thriving.