13 Apr 2021

Why Mini Facelifts Are Becoming So Popular

Post by Jordan Toplen

Last month I saw an advertisement for a mini facelift near me and it piqued my interest, as a mini facelift was something which I had never heard about. A facelift was something which I had been interested in for sometime but it always seemed like a big procedure and one which I wasn’t too keen on at first. I began to investigate the mini facelift and it seems that this has become an incredibly popular in recent years. I have now booked up and next month I will go in for this procedure, to give myself a new lease of life, with a more youthful look. 

Here is exactly what that procedure looks like and why it has become such a popular choice in recent years. 

What Exactly is a Mini Facelift?

This anti-aging procedure works by lifting up the sagging skin beneath the jawline, and this has the effect of making you look much younger. This particular surgery is recommended for people between 40-60, who only have small amounts of sagging skin. A full facelift is generally recommended for those who are older, who have a lot of skin which needs to be removed. The mini version however makes some very small incisions and only removes a small amount of skin. The mini version is quicker, cheaper and has a great impact on those who fall within the recommended age range. 

Why They Are So Popular 

Many people like myself would like to make changes so that we look younger, but we are not quite prepared to go through a full facelift. Previously this would have meant that we waited around until we were a little older, to then go through the full facelift when we were going to get some real benefit from it. Now however with the mini version, we are going to have a lot more options and at a lower cost too. 

It is not just the lack of cost which makes this popular, but also the fact that the procedure is significantly less invasive, quicker and with a very short recovery time. 

Why People Opt For Any Kind of Facelift ?

This may seem like an extreme option in the eyes of some but the reality is that a facelift can provide so many benefits. Looking younger is not just about vanity, although that may play a small role. The truth is that nobody likes the effects which age has on the skin, especially not in the face, and that is why we make these kinds of changes. Looking younger is something which helps out so much with self-esteem and confidence, and this is yet another reason why so many opt for this kind of procedure. 

Is a mini facelift something which you would potentially consider having done? Did you know that there was even a mini version of the facelift? Let us know what you think about it in the comments section below this post, we’d love to hear from you.

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