4 Jun 2019

Health Benefits that come about from Traveling

Post by Jordan Toplen

Did you know that traveling not only is an experience which will provide you with fun, discovery and the chance to meet people from all over the world, it has also been proven to be great for your health! In fact there are numerous ways in which traveling long term can boost your mental and physical well-being, all of which have been scientifically proven. There are already enough great reasons to go traveling and experience new cultures, see amazing sights and get out of your comfort zone and with these health benefits we all have one more reason to pack your bags, leave home and head out to see the world.


Immune System Boost

When you travel to different corners of the world you will be exposing your body to new environments and new bacterias. The way in which the body reacts to this is by creating new antibodies which will prepare the immune system for such bacterias, ensuring that they don’t cause problematic illnesses or infections. Travel in this regard can give your body the chance to boost its defenses and ensure that your body and your gut are as strong as they can be in order to combat health risks.

Stress Free

Something which anyone who has traveled will have experienced is a heavy reductio in stress and anxiety after traveling and this is one of the best health benefits of hitting the road. A recent study found that just 3 days of traveling can greatly reduce anxiety, stress and mood, with travelers being able to count on better wellbeing, a more positive attitude and almost a complete reduction of stress.

Brain Health

Your brain will also benefit greatly from traveling and you will be able to increase your levels of concentration, thought processes and cognitive flexibility as a result. Studies have shown that the reason behind this is that when you travel you are expanding your brain as you learn about other parts of the world, this greater cultural and global awareness helps boost creativity and memory retention, as well as helping your grow as a person to become more emotionally stable.

Healthy Heart

Beyond diet the key triggers which can lead to heart disease include stress, anxiety, low energy levels and general unhappiness, all of which can be eradicated or significantly improved when you travel. The result of this is a massive reduction in your chances of contracting a heart disease in later life and generally increasing the overall health of your most vital organ.


When you think about all the new foods you will eat and all that sitting around on transport it can be easy to think that travel is not good for fitness but science tells a different story. In fact when you travel you are opening yourself up to new types of physical activities such as extreme sports and you will find yourself walking greater distances than you usually would. Even walking on a sandy beach will use more muscles than normal and the result is a fitter and healthier you after traveling.

Next time someone asks you if you are looking after your health, tell them that you have found the answer and it is called travel.

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