9 Dec 2020

David Serna – Basic Weight Loss Tips To Follow

Post by Jordan Toplen

It is fair to say that a great number of us have been guilty of overindulging this year, especially given how tough lockdown was on us all. This is wholly acceptable of course, the fact that we may have put a little bit of weight on, but what is not acceptable is not doing something about it. I have found myself in this boat already this year but thanks to the fantastic videos and guides given buy the brilliant health expert David Serna, I have managed to find a way out of being overweight. The truth is that for all the talk about loss, in reality it is not that hard, and here is how to simplify it.

The Reaction of Our Brains

When we put obstacles in front of ourselves in terms of why we can’t lose weight, this is our brain reacting to being told no, like a child who has been told off by its mother. The reality is that our brain often doesn’t want to change, it expects things to be hard and tries to take the easy way out. Ultimately however this can be easily overridden and you just have to accept that this is what you are going to do until you reach a certain weight.

Calorie Deficit

The reality of losing weight is that you have to have a calorie deficit everyday. This means that you have to work out how many calories you should be having a day, for someone of your height and weight, and then aim to have less calories than what that figure is. Now you can have the same amount of calories and then burn some, this will certainly help you to stay in a calorie deficit. This is a basic rule which you should always look to remember.


Now a lot is made of exercising and if you don’t currently exercise then here is what you should be looking to do. Start off with aiming for just 30 minutes of exercise per day, that’s all. When you get started, just think of walking, that’s all, think about walking and then after a week or so try to turn that into a light jog, just enough to get the heart rate up, eventually aim to run for 30 minutes. This is how to get yourself off the ground and into exercise.

Team Work

In my experience the best way to lose weight is to team up with someone and lose weight together. Tis is what I did and its amazing what you can do with that personal accountability which this gives you. Work hard together, share tips and findings and try your best to keep the pressure on one another in order to maintain your path to your goals. The best way is together, this way you really can motivate each other that bit more.

Simple tips to help you get through the first couple of weeks of your new weight loss plan.

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