21 Nov 2019

Pros and Cons of the Most Popular Online Casino Games

Post by Jordan Toplen

The internet gambling industry has been thriving over the past twenty years. The rapid rise of various technologies allows the safest online casinos to offer hundreds of entertaining games to their customers.

Picking the most suitable one could be an issue. This post will help you find the best category, by exploring the advantages and disadvantages of the most popular casino games available on the web.


Let’s start with slots, as they are the undisputed leader online. Millions of people like them and for good reason. The variety of titles is exceptional. You can pick between hundreds of different themes and gameplay mechanics.

The best studios on the markets are constantly working on new slots, so you will never run out of games to play.

Another huge advantage of slots is that they can truly change your life in a heartbeat. Some of them have progressive jackpots that frequently reach millions in prize pools. A good example is Microgaming’s top title Mega Moolah.

The game holds the world record for the largest jackpot ever, as an online player collected $20,062,600 from a single spin.

Your chances to become a millionaire are obviously slim but if you want to play for fun and leave the door open to Lady Luck, slots are a solid choice. On top of that, you will find plenty of bonuses and other special deals because online casinos promote them heavily.

There is a reason for that, though, which brings us to the most notable downside of the slots. They come with a solid house edge, usually in the 3-8% region. The casino has a huge advantage in the long run, especially compared to other popular casino games.

Another reason why certain people don’t like slots is the lack of strategy. While some decisions could affect the outcome, the difference is minor. Most of the time, you will simply be clicking a button and waiting for the outcome.


If you prefer a game that will tease your brain and will require you to make the best decision, you should probably pick blackjack. It’s arguably the most popular casino card game alongside poker. Many people liked it because the rules are simple to learn, but there’s a lot more depth involved.

You need to learn what the optimal strategy is to give yourself the best chance to win. If you play well, the house edge in blackjack is almost non-existent. The casino’s advantage could drop below 0.5% in some variations of the game.

If you add some extra value from bonuses and promotions, you could actually have positive long-term expectations. Unfortunately, most casinos are well-aware of that fact and you will struggle to find many special offers for blackjack.

Also, if you make too many mistakes, the house edge rises significantly. Beginners should probably try some free blackjack games first or they risk losing a lot of cash.


Another game with a rich history that has found its way to most online casinos is roulette. According to some, the famous mathematician Blaise Pascal himself accidentally invented it many centuries ago.Today you can find many variations online and most casinos on the web offer the game. The main drawing power of roulette is related to the simplicity of the game and the thrill during the moments the ball is spinning but is yet to find its place on the board.

The house edge is also relatively low, as it’s 2.70% for the European roulette and can go down to 1.35% if you play French roulette.

One of the negative consequences is that many promotions exclude roulette and you will struggle to find ways to earn more on the side compared to slots, for example.

The other disadvantage of choosing roulette is that you have no control over the house edge. You place your wager and simply wait to see what’s going to happen.

Video Poker

That’s not the case with most video poker machines online. The rules and pay tables vary but your choices are essential for your success. The house edge of this category of games is the lowest on average on the internet.Some of them even come with a slight advantage in favor of the player if a perfect strategy is applied. That’s why you are highly unlikely to find any promotions for video poker.

On the bright side, you don’t need them with such a house edge. Another advantage is that many video poker variations have a decent jackpot. It can’t compare with what most slots have to offer, but you can still earn a ton of cash in seconds.

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